Ravi Shankar

Immigration Changing Pop History’s Name

Popular history has a talent for simplifying the past.

15 Nov 2018

The Romans were Methane Mad, Why Should We Be?

The ancient Romans called their capital city gravioris caeli (heavy heaven). Delhi is in the news again for an atavistic curse—pollution.

10 Nov 2018

Thank God Trump snubbed India's R-Day invite

Donald Trump is not a person to be taken seriously as the President of the United States unless he was the President of the United States.

04 Nov 2018

Intelligence wars began with colonial distrust

Information is power. Power corrupts and absolute information corrupts absolutely.

27 Oct 2018

Comrade Padman has no purity of belief

The core of faith is redemption through purification; religions consider the human being essentially unclean physically and spiritually.

21 Oct 2018

Decoding the mystery of Mahatmas and sex

In the hagiography of modern India, Mahatma Gandhi is a near-divine superstar.

08 Oct 2018

Wolf in priest’s clothing and there will be nun

Politics thrives on scandal and religion feeds on secrecy.

28 Sep 2018

Jab English Aur Hindi Met, Bhasha Ke side effects

Post-colonial identity crisis is the biggest self-inflicted affliction of Indians.

23 Sep 2018

Individual responsibility matters in collective loot

They are naturally distraught, some having sunk their life savings into building homes which now face the merciless justice of bulldozers.

16 Sep 2018

Pakistan a Graveyard of Muslims

Being a minority is a death sentence in Pakistan.

16 Sep 2018

Name callers, note. Politicians are people too.

Democracy, by its very nature, is the crucible of dissent.

08 Sep 2018

What’s in a Name? A Building, Of Course. 

Legacies of leaders belong to the cultures that shaped them and the nations they ruled or shed their blood for.

30 Aug 2018

A travelling taste for pixels

Instagram is leading a food revolution and creating food celebrities of enthusiasts armed with a smartphone and a curiosity for the new and untested.

25 Aug 2018

A Sea change

The second part of this series post the recent devastating floods in Kerala explores the danger of an ecological apocalypse waiting to sweep across India and the world.

25 Aug 2018

Two multiplied by two is the only one today

Philosophical statements are delightful devices for inventive journalists to paraphrase commentary.
Mea culpa.

25 Aug 2018