Ravi Shankar

The swenekaf phenomenon and the betrayal of belief

Fake News is corrupting the cornerstone of human belief, that truth is not what it appears to be, or not to be.

15 Jul 2018

Elon Musk: Master of the universe

As a business leader and individual, Musk is an enigmatic contradiction wrapped in the ambition to become Master of the Universe.

14 Jul 2018

Hate Clouds Darken New India’s Horizons

Anger has replaced conversation in India, vitriol has upended wise counsel and savage opinions are weapons in the hands of hoi polloi.

08 Jul 2018

Multiculturalism loses to the national way of life

America’s liberal globalists are shell-shocked over the US Supreme Court upholding President Donald Trump’s travel ban on Muslims—an outrage that has found echoes in other countries, including India.

30 Jun 2018

Sheikhing it up

Liberals love him for easing curbs on women, cracking down ruthlessly on corruption, launching a job creation drive and engaging in realpolitik with Israel to create a New Gulf Order.

30 Jun 2018

The secret battlefield

Bollywood blockbuster Raazi and a controversial new book by former RAW and ISI chiefs have brought the focus back on the deadly espionage game between India and Pakistan.

10 Jun 2018

Sellyourself.com is no site for privacy protest

Oscar Wilde was that rare genius who could turn the familiar into epiphany and lace tragedy with irony.

10 Jun 2018

Two drivers one engine to set national route

Power disrupts but absolute power disrupts more in coalitions.

01 Jun 2018

The ethical duality of celebrity deprivation

There is nothing more morally dualistic than a refugee crisis as a consequence of terrorism, ethnic cleansing and regional instability.

26 May 2018

Kings of bad times and good time rulers

When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping. The rest go shopping in the stores of history.

19 May 2018

One man’s Jinnah is another man’s Nehru

Jinnah’s tragedy is that Pakistan disowned its father even before he could enjoy the fruits of his new national identity.

12 May 2018

Leaders on poll catwalk the new political fashion

Clothes maketh not the man, but they do make a statement. In 1931, when Mahatma Gandhi called on the Viceroy, Lord Irwin, in his typical dress, Winston Churchill called Gandhi, a naked fakir “striding

12 May 2018

A Summer of Forgiveness Since a Long Winter Began

The death of Jessica Lal at the turn of the century gave birth to the New Age Protestor in India. For the first time since Independence, a crime forced the middle class to come out of their comfortabl

28 Apr 2018

Judge not Syria’s Assad through Western eyes

Though President Assad—for long reviled by the Western media as the Butcher of Damascus—is no saint, he is the only element of stability in a region which is alarmingly vulnerable to Islamic terrorist

21 Apr 2018

Save Hinduism from Fake Hindus to Keep the Faith

National normalcy provides the right atmosphere for social growth. In its balmy warmth flourishes civilisation, enabling the arts, science and philosophy to shape the times, and for future generations

12 Apr 2018