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Get HIIT by workouts!

Fitness enthusiasts have another outlet to work those muscles and also do cardio at the same time.
F45 assures you an exercise regimen that doesn’t conform to stereotypical gymming.

16 May 2017

Relax, results are not the end

With the TN Board HSC results just around the corner, many students are faced with the fear of failure and underperformance.

11 May 2017

Organic fabrics for upcycled labels

There are two things that the recently concluded Fashion Revolution week 2017 taught us — one is to ask the all-important question: who made my clothes? Second is to look forward to be flag bearers of

08 May 2017

No strings attached

From kids to popular film stars like Amitabh Bachchan,  ventriloquist Sathyajit Padhye’s puppets have a fan in everyone and Chennai witnessed that recently

08 May 2017

‘Mind’ those circular patterns

While music, dance and art have helped people relieve stress and anxiety, Mandala art,with its’ spherical designs is a new trend that many millenials are taking up to.

06 May 2017

Chennai chants May the 4th be with you

Every movie buff swears by the Star Wars franchise and Chennai has quite a few ardent fans. CE spots some such fans who have collected merchandises and is into everything Star Wars.

04 May 2017

Can you breathe easy?

Genetics, pollution and passive smoking are some of the factors that cause asthma in children.

02 May 2017

Dance away the stigma

On International Dance Day, dancers in Chennai talk their struggle, and of course, their inspiration.

29 Apr 2017

A ‘spiritual’ droll of stand-up comedy

Amit Tandon, often dubbed the ‘Married Guy’ in the stand-up comedy circuit, is all set to bring to namma Chennai his latest act ‘Honestly Speaking’.

27 Apr 2017

Add bling to your clothes using a 3D printer

Purani Sanjeevirajan, a freelance designer and a final year student of FDDI has come up with Chennai’s first 3D-printed embellished garment — ‘Paint the silence’.

24 Apr 2017

Sing-along to be stress free

‘Music for the Soul’ will feature live music and seated dance sessions for participants.

22 Apr 2017

Quest to weave the perfect yarn

I don’t know when my love for yarns and textiles began…I have loved it from as long as I can remember,” says Jagada Rajappa, as we begin our conversation with the handlooms expert who will be in the c

22 Apr 2017

Contemporary views on steps from the natya shastra

Dancer Rama Vaidyanathan talks to City Express about what inspires her as a dancer, her memories and the foundation of the guru-shishya relationship

20 Apr 2017

Cuts & trims for a perfect mane

The 78-year-old Kerala Hairdressers boasts of a good number of clientele even today.

20 Apr 2017

Story of a Devi that asuras fell in love with!

The legend of Devi Kanniyakumari will be brought to life through a dance drama, Sri Devi Kanniyakumari Charithram.

19 Apr 2017

Brave high-noon and cyclones in your garden

Bharatanatyam exponent Revathi Ramachandran ensures that she spends time in her private retreat every other day, come rain or shine

19 Apr 2017

Let’s skype-call a counsellor

Thanks to several portals that give access to counsellors and psychiatrists, seeking help has never been this easy.

18 Apr 2017

A love triangle with an epic twist

One story, one character, but numerous interpretations. Silappadikaram’s Madhavi takes centre stage in this routine.

13 Apr 2017

A dash of sugar, spice & Amma’s kai pakkuvam

From a fast-food joint in Lucknow to becoming a chef at Hyatt Regency, Jayanandhan Baskar narrates his culinary journey

13 Apr 2017

Mind matters on celluoid

From derogatory songs to alcoholism and beards, mental illness has mostly been glorified and celebrated in Indian cinema.

10 Apr 2017

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