S Vaidhyasubramaniam

NTA runaway needs aircraft,passengers and air-route

The cabinet has approved the long-pending policy to establish an independent National Testing Agency (NTA).

18 Nov 2017

Academic doors should open fast and allow fresh air

The annual report of any major corporate states “the objective of the organisation is to maximise shareholder value”.

21 Oct 2017

Survival of fittest, not fattest

The discrimination between public and private institutions over eligibility criteria in setting up  Institutions of Eminence must be addressed

09 Oct 2017

Entrepreneurship education: heads, I win. tails, you lose

The worst case scenario is that you will land up with a job.” This radical statement by start-up icon Girish of Freshworks (desk) captured the entire attention of those attending a meeting last week.

24 Sep 2017

Follow-on and not retire-hurt for a not-out career progress

The annual admission to various undergraduate disciplines in the 3,000-plus private engineering colleges in India witnessed a downtrend in the last three years.

26 Aug 2017

Accreditation by third party agencies needs a six-pack body

A study by UNESCO in 2007 points out to various academic frauds in higher education across the world and included slippage in the virtuous accreditation process to a vicious one.

27 Jul 2017

Higher education needs touch tax, not knockout punch

Senior Advocate and scholar Parliamentarian K Parasaran during his five-minute submission in the Rajya Sabha debate on the GST Bill showered intellectual brilliance on both the law and dharma.

29 Jun 2017

Graded autonomy will provide institutions the prescriptive mix

Global experience in university governance has witnessed changes in the locus of power across different stakeholders.

01 Jun 2017

Niti action agenda paves the path for quick policy action

This is the season of sequential versions with every version built on successful previous ones.

05 May 2017

Need a collaborative policy and action crowdsourcing

A decade back, when a leading government institution’s efforts to establish an overseas campus was curtailed, with unmet demand in India being cited as one of the reasons, a former Director of a leadi

06 Apr 2017

Education as problem solver and not a problem for India

In his historic speech in the World’s Parliament of Religions in 1893, Swami Vivekananda started with these epic words “Sisters and brothers of America”.

16 Mar 2017

Union Budget: High pass as education is out of syllabus

A normal day’s routine to office doesn’t invite any attention and that is why an average Indian wife is never excited when her husband goes to work every day.

11 Feb 2017

Collaborative research needed for rapid academic diffusion

Global consultancy major McKinsey & Co in its 2013 McKinsey Global Institute report on Disruptive Technologies identified 12 major technologies that would change the way humans would behave and work.

14 Jan 2017

Cleaning agent for the dirty troika needs a disinfectant

The demonetisation decision has resulted in a dizzying cocktail of sorts involving various academic subjects.

10 Dec 2016

Distance learning policy needs a needle, not noodles approach

The UGC in its June 2013 notification decided to adopt the DEC guidelines under the extant (but now repealed) Statute 28 of the IGNOU Act.

15 Oct 2016

Band-aid cure and X-ray diagnostics for education

Ever since draft copy of the National Education Policy (NEP) was made public, there has been non-stop commentary on it.

17 Sep 2016

Between Oliver and me, It's the Hope that makes the difference

It is with great pride that we should acknowledge the growing presence of Indian institutions in many of the recently released world university rankings.

20 Aug 2016

Global university governance models: lessons to learn

The Indian model seems to be created to handle organisational issues, making it a reactive piece of administration.

23 Jul 2016

Teacher education is an issue from KG to PhD

The 2015 goalpost to achieve Universal Primary Education (UPE) shifted to 2020 or 2030 still poses a greater challenge.

25 Jun 2016

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