Santwana Bhattacharya

If it glitters, it might be bank fraud

India has come a long way from the times of Lal Bahadur Shastri. Businessmen are now chasing glitter beyond the diamonds they trade in

23 Feb 2018


The dwindling coffers of the Grand Old Party are not getting replenished the way they used to.

18 Feb 2018


Much heartfelt (Hardik) affection (Mamata) flowed when the two met in Kolkata.

11 Feb 2018

Parliament diary: PM Modi vs Congress, Benazir Bhutto remembered, MPs’ salary hike

Parliament is not a likely arena to kick-start an election campaign. But that’s what most MPs thought it was after listening to the Prime Minister’s reply to the Motion of Thanks on Wednesday.

10 Feb 2018

Parliament diary: Amit Shah makes his debut, Chinese ploy, Andhra funds

The Rajya Sabha became the centre of parliamentary debate on Monday, what with BJP president Amit Shah making his debut while speaking on the motion of thanks to the President’s address.

10 Feb 2018

Parliament diary: Modi’s Renuka barb costs Rajya Sabha, faulting Rafale, Sonia Gandhi on alliances

The Prime Minister’s rather sharp comeback on Renuka Chowdhury’s loud laugh in the background of his Wednesday speech, cost the Rajya Sabha half-a-day Thursday.

09 Feb 2018

To sow the future

How do we solve the agriculture crisis? Contrary to the current opinion, farmers need more subsidies

09 Feb 2018


Ever since he took charge, Yogi Adityanath’s regime seems to be making a habit of attracting bad press.

04 Feb 2018

Budget 2018: Jaitley trains sights on 2022 as bad news blows in

In a striking coincidence, the politics of the day hung over Budget 2018, literally and in spirit.

02 Feb 2018

Parliament diary: President Kovind's address gives rise to speculations on early polls

The UP satraps were the first to claim, MSY and Mayawati have asked their respective parties to gear up. The Congress too was of the view, the EC may “pre-pone the polls”.

30 Jan 2018

People have realised BJP government is all talk, no work: Congress strategist Ahmed Patel

Congress strategist Ahmed Patel talks to Santwana Bhattacharya about working for the party for 40 years, how Sonia Gandhi drove the party through change, its future.

28 Jan 2018


Davos was the flavour of the week, but the Prime Minister had to return early.

28 Jan 2018

Davosman from the East

As Lok Sabha election approaches, Modi is busy delivering big foreign policy statements and the Left is caught in a fratricidal duel

26 Jan 2018


Without ever holding a party position, Priyanka Gandhi has always had a key role to play in the affairs of the Congress.

21 Jan 2018

India to watch key North East polls with bated breath

Manik Sarkar’s long-standing CPI-M Government in Tripura, the NPF’s stranglehold over Nagaland and the Congress rule in Meghalaya, all are up against the BJP’s ambitious foray into the North-East.

19 Jan 2018