Santwana Bhattacharya

33 per cent is only one-third of the sky

Why is women’s candidature an issue this time when representation debates rarely go beyond caste, creed and religion? 

16 Mar 2019

Sharp Congress messaging from Gandhi turf

But the legacy of the past that hung around the sombre Sabarmati Ashram swept away the nagging headaches of the present. Or they got soothed by the soft tunes of the Mahatma’s favourite bhajan.

13 Mar 2019

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s soft touch wins hearts

At the Gujarat rally, Priyanka made her speech sound as low-key as possible. But her flawless Hindi and her ability to nuance her speech made her stand out nevertheless. 

13 Mar 2019

Indian voters not kind to winners of absolute majority

In about two and half months, democratic India will get to know who will steer India’s political destiny over the next five years.  

11 Mar 2019

Insider Out: Punjab Congress going 'balle balle' over Manmohan Singh

The names of former opening pair Gautam Gambhir and Virendra Sehwag are also doing the rounds.

10 Mar 2019

Insider-out: Abhinandan Varthaman's video was to put Imran in his place?

Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman, with his calm fortitude, has emerged quite the hero of the latest Indo-Pak air strikes.

03 Mar 2019

A spin bowler called Imran Khan

Does Pakistan’s new claim to a moral upper hand hold up to scrutiny? Only if your scrutiny lasts just one over and stays skin-deep.

01 Mar 2019

It’s not just Uttar Pradesh that decides

What a heartland leader like Mulayam Singh Yadav thinks hardly matters in India’s southern peninsula.

15 Feb 2019

Budget 2019: Pre-Holi gift hamper with a heady dash of ideology

The Modi government, on its home stretch, had clearly taken an unabashed turn towards soft welfare economics.

02 Feb 2019

This is not quite a sisterhood

Priyanka has always been considered a potential Indira reincarnation, perhaps a more amiable version of the woman potentate prototype.

25 Jan 2019

Congress shows Priyanka Gandhi's hand

Charismatic, relatively more eloquent and less inhibited than her brother Rahul, Priyanka Gandhi has often been seen as the real heir to the Indira legacy.

24 Jan 2019

10 per cent of zero jobs is still zero

All the quota Bill does is something psychological: give the ‘poor’ among privileged castes a little less reason to feel besieged.

12 Jan 2019

2019 Lok Sabha elections: Not Just Two To Tango

No sign from the ground till now allows us to imagine a single party making it on its own.

28 Dec 2018

Decoding assembly results 2018: Anger is also a number

These Assembly election results give us a wealth of information to study the mood on the ground, collectively and in fragmented blocs.

14 Dec 2018

BJP bruised in semifinal duel ahead of 2019 Lok Sabha Elections

It was a different kind of birthday for Rahul Gandhi, and the gift he received was a hard-earned one. It was exactly a year ago, on December 11, 2017, that he took over the reins of the Congress.

12 Dec 2018