Saumya R Chawla

Baldness, bangs, and Bardot

To know me is to know that I like being no more than four feet away from a lipstick at any given point, and that I live in near-constant fear of going bald.

15 Aug 2018

Not your regular champagne showers

It’s a new day, a new week, and extreme home renovations have left me with a new room and (hopefully soon) a very-filmy canopy over my bed. What hasn’t changed though, is my lifetime quest for

07 Aug 2018

Life on the flip side

It’s been a tough few days… You see, in a desperate personal bid to unlock my masculinity, I used only men’s products for a week.

31 Jul 2018

Of painful pedicures and weird technicians

I hate feet. I hate both your and my feet. I hate touching them. I hate having my feet touched. Each pedicure is worse than the last, and they’re all mildly stressful at best. I still voluntarily get them though: I want pretty feet,
sue me.

25 Jul 2018

The ‘must carry’ even in hurry

It was a cold, dark, rainy, bleak and depressing day.

18 Jul 2018

The moment when Skrillex met Matilda

It feels like a lifetime of moons ago, but I for a while, used to work with a Very Famous & Popular Fashion Designer.

10 Jul 2018

The different colours to cover those dark circles

On some days, I impress myself with how perfect my chai tastes. On other days, I impress myself with how well I can cover up my dark circles.  It has taken me over a decade to come to terms wit

03 Jul 2018

An alchemist to keep liquid lipstick in check

Can one of you give me a hand? I need help getting up on this pedestal, so I’m closer to the microphone.
Thank you.

26 Jun 2018

Wipe your mascara wand and wiggle

If I were to make a list of truly dangerous things that affect me on a very personal level; you can be assured that the list will be rather short.

19 Jun 2018

The 10-step make-up routine a la Koreans

I’ll admit, I am shallow enough to be influenced by flawless, porcelain-faced actresses in Korean dramas — I guess watching them in HD does that to a person.

12 Jun 2018

Your make-up blenders need a nice bath, now!

Picture this: you’re crashing at a friends’ place for a couple of days and are in the shower (I swear I was NOT snooping around) when you happen to see a damp beauty blender.

05 Jun 2018

Know them enough to gift them a bottle of fragrance

Yes, yes — I know that I have a lot of opinions…about a lot of things. Sometimes even things I know nothing about; but trust me when I say that this is not one of them.

29 May 2018

Is holiday money real money?

If you’re finding yourself as lost and dazed by work at this point as I am; and are counting down minutes until you board your bus/train/plane or however it is that you’re travelling to get your summe

23 May 2018

All about life, death and hand moisturisers 

As you all already know by now, when the time comes to read my will, the real winners will be 1) those who match an NC40-42 and 2) everybody who loves a good hand cream

15 May 2018

When your sound beauty sleep bites back

Cushions and pillow cases are a serious business in my family. When I moved out of home for college, as a little adult-child hybrid — my parents sent me off on my way with two things: a very serious a

09 May 2018

Asian Games 2018