Saumya R Chawla

Clean up your manicure like a pro

I live to get my nails done.

02 Oct 2018

Set, press, touch up

It’s a tough life when you want to maintain a cool-girl aura but your skin doesn’t quite get with the cool-girl programme.

25 Sep 2018

Face masks to cleansers to masks

Iam by no means an impulsive risk taker.

18 Sep 2018

Fake your way to great lighting

Acursory Google search on anything related to ‘flawless skin’ or ‘complexion makeup tips’ will deliver several tutorials, involving multiple steps, products, blending techniques and tools.

11 Sep 2018

Don’t do this: trim your own bangs

My head started feeling particularly heavy the other day.

04 Sep 2018

Aromatherapy and confused brain farts

Recently, I haven’t quite been able to tell if there’s incessant chattering happening in my head, or if there’s anything happening at all. 

29 Aug 2018

My Prince Charming is slightly acidic

Yes, I’m aware that a lot has already been written (numerous times) about applying chemicals on my face, but it’s okay, since we all have our little hobbies.

22 Aug 2018

Baldness, bangs, and Bardot

To know me is to know that I like being no more than four feet away from a lipstick at any given point, and that I live in near-constant fear of going bald.

15 Aug 2018

Not your regular champagne showers

It’s a new day, a new week, and extreme home renovations have left me with a new room and (hopefully soon) a very-filmy canopy over my bed. What hasn’t changed though, is my lifetime quest for

07 Aug 2018

Life on the flip side

It’s been a tough few days… You see, in a desperate personal bid to unlock my masculinity, I used only men’s products for a week.

31 Jul 2018

Of painful pedicures and weird technicians

I hate feet. I hate both your and my feet. I hate touching them. I hate having my feet touched. Each pedicure is worse than the last, and they’re all mildly stressful at best. I still voluntarily get them though: I want pretty feet,
sue me.

25 Jul 2018

The ‘must carry’ even in hurry

It was a cold, dark, rainy, bleak and depressing day.

18 Jul 2018

The moment when Skrillex met Matilda

It feels like a lifetime of moons ago, but I for a while, used to work with a Very Famous & Popular Fashion Designer.

10 Jul 2018

The different colours to cover those dark circles

On some days, I impress myself with how perfect my chai tastes. On other days, I impress myself with how well I can cover up my dark circles.  It has taken me over a decade to come to terms wit

03 Jul 2018

An alchemist to keep liquid lipstick in check

Can one of you give me a hand? I need help getting up on this pedestal, so I’m closer to the microphone.
Thank you.

26 Jun 2018