Shampa Dhar Kamath

Hello, Are You a Mountain Man?

People are drawn to certain geographies because of their personality traits. self-fulfilling introverts head for the hills while the extroverts seek out the sea

19 Dec 2015

Great Food and Even Better Prices

ITC Maurya’s new rooftop restaurant Tian offers finger-licking good East Asian food and impeccable service. The fripperies are optional.

01 Nov 2014

An Underground Classroom on Wheels

Almost all the women in the coach are well turned out. I’m hoping for some interesting tips on clothes, shoes, maybe even make up. These are Delhi girls after all. But I’m in for a surprise.

11 Oct 2014

Toilet Training Goes Beyond Babies

The need of the hour is not just toilets; we Indians also need to be persuaded to use them. Only then can India do what Unicef advised us: Take the poo to the loo.

16 Aug 2014

Let Fist Bump a Day Keep Doctor Away

a high five may not seem as businesslike as a handshake, but it will spread only half as many germs. Just remember to raise, slap and release. Smiling optional.

03 Aug 2014

Open Your Arms to the Man Hug Trend

The perfect man-on-man hug involves a quick embrace involving both sets of arms. Like a Seal team, you should be in and out in less than two seconds.

20 Jul 2014

The Rich Get Richer with Shelf-help

Self-help books for women, with titles like Why hasn’t he proposed, are the most offensive. Do women really think of nothing other than men?

13 Jul 2014

Deciphering the World's Writing

The entry of computers has robbed the world of penmanship. Who cares about cursive writing when two-finger typing gets the communication job?

06 Jul 2014

Errors Get the Stamp of Approval

By making printing errors, we’ve managed to enter the history books too. There’s a four-anna stamp from British India, with Queen Victoria’s head printed upside down. That error is worth `1 crore today.

15 Jun 2014

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