Sharanya Manivannan

When women’s comfort causes discomfort

Consider the average nightie — ankle-length, sleeved, with a modest collar.

14 Nov 2018

Of animal instinct 

There is one particular detail of the killing of Avni, the tigress, in Maharashtra last week that I keep circling back to.

07 Nov 2018

Treasures to break up life’s monotony

There are other stories of children finding ancient swords in water bodies.

10 Oct 2018

 Understanding worth of everyday objects

Iwas meant to travel so much this year.

19 Sep 2018

Hopefully, one day we will not be voyeurs anymore

Iwant to see people kissing in the streets. Impulsively.

12 Sep 2018

‘Rent a friend’ to cure depression

On Independence Day, Mumbai-based entrepreneur Kaushall Prakash launched an app called Rent A Boy|Friend, through which one can employ male company for brief periods. The line in their name between Bo

29 Aug 2018

Why I love my practice of watching and stillness

Everything moves too quickly, and my worries pulse through me continuously, undercurrents to my every action.

23 May 2018

‘Nothing romantic about being a poet with radical ideas’

Sometimes, copying American observances isn’t a bad thing (this is never going to be true for Thanksgiving, though).

25 Apr 2018

We must breathe as we labour

Why is there a ceramic kitten under a grown man’s bed?” By the time I laughed out loud at this line, I’d already cried at least twice watching Queer Eye.

18 Apr 2018

A naked body in protest isn’t sexual, rather makes a point

There’s a reason why you may not have heard of actor Sri Reddy before she stripped in front of Hyderabad’s Movie Artist Association (MAA) to protest the sexual exploitation of women in the cinema industry.

11 Apr 2018

The art of letting go with good  intentions, heartful love and grace

I am letting go of someone I love, and I am doing it by looking at all the ways it’s been done to me and learning from all the mistakes I made as I’ve done it before.

04 Apr 2018

Register with parental consent

Here’s a romantic story for you: in the late 70s, a man in his early thirties went and got himself a passport so that he could travel to Sri Lanka to ask his girlfriend, whom he had met in a medical college in Madras,

14 Mar 2018

Self-love is one of the biggest lessons of adult life

In the darkest year of my life, I met a man who seemed to be simple, creative and fearless — one thing I am not, one thing that I am, and one thing that I am always mistaken to be except by those who

09 Mar 2018