Sharanya Manivannan

An artist’s personal sorrows are not a chance for fans’ voyeurism

Nobody’s saying a divorce can’t be celebrated – except, that right belongs only to those directly affected, who may feel a sense of liberation or closure.

24 Apr 2019

Would you want to hold hope or choose to know if you will find lasting love?

Interestingly, of those 36 questions, four pertain to death — three of them to imaginings of one’s own death.

17 Apr 2019

UPSC topper gets full marks for love 

It doesn’t matter, ultimately, what your mark sheets say. Some doors will open because of them, others will open in spite of them, and still, others will be slammed in your face anyway.

10 Apr 2019

Be an alebrijes — don different roles but become ‘one’

In 1936, the artist Pedro Linares Lopez fell into a delirium during a high fever in which he saw a group of fantastical creatures in a forest.

03 Apr 2019

How didn’t we guess that NASA will not have enough suits for women? 

Every March 8, International (Working) Women’s Day, institutions and companies around the world participate in activities that celebrate women.

28 Mar 2019

The opium-obsessed parrots

Silence isn’t usually associated with parrots.

08 Mar 2019

Rubbishing the alternative negates its importance

In 1967, John Barker (a psychiatrist drawn to the occult), a science journalist and a newspaper editor set up what they called The Premonitions Bureau in the UK.

28 Feb 2019

To all the languages we’ve known before

I wonder how many languages will die in the months to come, during the year which the UN has designated as the ‘International Year of Indigenous Languages’.

21 Feb 2019

Feeling bloodlust or tranquil this Valentine’s Day?

Strawberries, heart-shaped and show-stoppingly crimson, are widely regarded as an aphrodisiac.

14 Feb 2019

How can an extinct flower have an immortal scent?

Hibiscadelphus wilderianus grew on the slopes of Maui up until a century ago, before it was declared extinct.

31 Jan 2019

Like a sapling, bonds demand time 

There will be rough patches, misunderstandings, irritations and imperfect circumstances.

24 Jan 2019

Who is a ‘Loose’ woman?

The ad stars Priyanka Chopra, one of its investors, and shows her in various scenarios, described with a positive adjective, followed by ‘not loose’.

09 Jan 2019

Quest for a voice with tree-shaped lungs, monarch butterfly glands

A blood clot in the shape of a bronchial tree, a tree in the shape the air takes as we draw it into ourselves.

12 Dec 2018

Hey lady! There is nothing wrong with being fiercely ambitious

At 36, Chopra has spent half her life so far in the spotlight, with a thriving career in beauty pageants, Bollywood films and Hollywood television.

05 Dec 2018

Feminism that tackles the caste system

What a beautiful coup it was to watch unfolding online: the head of a platform on which women and minorities face daily abuse, unwittingly holding a poster with a radical slogan.

29 Nov 2018