Sharanya Manivannan

The evolving landscape of law and order

This law had no provision for women to lodge a case.

04 Oct 2018

An undemanding coexistence

My closest neighbour is a neem tree, and she rests her lovely-leafed branches on the glass of the window by my reading nook.

26 Sep 2018

Museums house the world in them

Brazil’s national museum was only 200 years old, but contained within it were artifacts aged millennia, like the 11,500-year-old female skull nicknamed Luzia.

05 Sep 2018

When a Goddess is on her period

While so many are galvanizing resources for flood-wrecked Kerala, Kodagu and other parts of South India, a leisurely lot have been spending time and energy spreading the information that the natural disaster (even if not, technically speaking, a national disaster) has been because of the wrath of God

22 Aug 2018

When you were ‘just a friend’ for your ex

I was telling a friend about how I’m likely to encounter a romantic nemesis of mine in the coming weeks, when he asked me to explain the term. Was it just a fancy way of saying “ex”? Ha ha. No. Y

01 Aug 2018

Knowledge of how it is to feel at home is a luxury

Vacating a house that one made into a home is a painful thing. In the weeks before this happens, I leave my space in disarray on purpose.

26 Jul 2018

‘I became an adult as I turned the book’s pages’

A few months before I finished school, due to a set of circumstances that don’t lend themselves to a brief explanation, my siblings and I stayed for several days at the home of a friend of our mother’

19 Jul 2018

Indian vishkanyas  have an Italian connection

Researchers at the University of Southern Denmark have found three books in its library, dating from the 16th and 17th centuries, painted in poison. Bookbinders of that time often reinforced books by

12 Jul 2018

‘Mars is in retrograde and maybe men will come back’

Mars retrograde is supposed to bring the men back.

04 Jul 2018

Clothing in the difficult times of war and peace

There’s a scene in the heart-wrenching 2008 film Frozen River, in which two impoverished women who smuggle people across the US-Canada border bring a dead baby back to the parents it was separated fro

27 Jun 2018

Why is olivine not considered special?

It’s said there’s ‘nothing special’ about the tiny green stones that appear to be raining from the sky in Hawaii — fragments of the mineral olivine, spewed in the lava from the ferociously erupting Ki

20 Jun 2018

Artists, you will get many free advice; do what you have to do

Nearly a decade ago, I took some of the worst advice I’ve ever received.

13 Jun 2018

Sometimes you need someone who is ready to be the 13th fairy at social gatherings

Some time ago, I’d been travelling in a rather boring but reasonably picturesque small town which thanks to its appearance in a few films had started to gain the attention of honeymooners.

07 Jun 2018

Revisiting memories through Insta stories

Because I am almost never in Sri Lanka, but my heart – like the south-seeking gaze of Vishnu-Ranganatha, who was also meant to live on the island but doesn’t – is always turned in that direction, I ob

30 May 2018

Another adventure that’s permanently sealed in the heart

There are two placeson the Chennai-Dindivanam highway where the road curves alongside a wall of sheer rock, the side of a hillock cut down to make room for traffic.

17 May 2018