The boon and bane of reading

Notice how every one of these suggestions ultimately requires the same thing: a shift in unrelated habits.

08 Aug 2019

The curse of memories

A long time ago, a woman who worked with two children whom we both loved told me how much she dreaded the end of her tenure as their caregiver, even though that end was far away.

31 Jul 2019

Faces, Faith and Feminism

Or perhaps, who knows, she was saying she couldn’t care less.

04 Jul 2019

Subjective discoveries

Every now and then, a discovery occurs that reveals the imaginative or knowledgebased shortcomings of those who made it, or who first respond to it and shape how others view it.

27 Jun 2019

Can’t sing, can’t mate

The birds are also known as Darwin finches, after the scientist whose work was influenced by encountering them.

20 Jun 2019

No brownie points for new Aladdin

I  probably wouldn’t have watched the new live-action Aladdin remake, but it was the birthday girl’s outing of choice.

13 Jun 2019

Sports, siblings and sexuality

Champion sprinter Dutee Chand made history recently when she announced that she is in a romantic relationship with another woman, whom she describes as her soulmate.

30 May 2019

The pollachi crisis

The media shorthand for the situation is ‘the Pollachi case’, but with possibly hundreds of people directly affected by it, it might be better to call it the Pollachi crisis.

21 Mar 2019

The ‘batter’ morning

You may think it’s just one little download — but just like ‘one vote’ or ‘one plastic straw’, you’re not the only one.

14 Mar 2019

Low divorce rate is unfortunate

As a child, I once got my hands on some kind of corporate diary, and flipped through its strange front matter curiously.

07 Feb 2019

A bird’s mating cry, overheard

It was the length of the tailfeathers that caught my eye, and then the statuesqueness of the pose, and only lastly those eyes like beads of ruby.

05 Jan 2019

Can an identity be apolitical and realistic simultaneously?

I wish I could offer the unequivocal hope that he is that unbelievably rare figure — a progressive spiritual leader — and that his welcome to sex workers is a feminist act.

28 Dec 2018

Women, use your self-expression as an avatar, not as an armour

But it’s time for me to come clean. At some point, that camouflage ceased to be an armour.

19 Dec 2018

Indigo, a soother and a fighter

You’d imagine the indigo plant would contain a clue of what it’s capable of, but from root to leaf-tip, it gives little away.

22 Nov 2018

Complex reasons behind every action

Or that this new vocabulary may later liberate her, but for right now it overpowers her in such a volcanic way that she would rather not feel the things it brings up.

25 Oct 2018