Sharanya Manivannan

The right language for ‘in-between’

What is the opposite of ‘rape’? Most will say it’s ‘sex’, with the understanding that rape is an abuse of power and sex is something that happens with consent.

17 Jan 2018

When astronomy inspires art through many civilisations

An antlered creature is trapped between two men — we know they are men not only from their smooth torsos but also from the penises that dangle between their legs, indicating their nakedness.

10 Jan 2018

Why I will have the ‘angry Indian woman’ tag for eternity

A fresh calendar year can bring with it so much promise, as dangerous as it is to be superstitious about it.

03 Jan 2018

A walk into the place where you belong

The forest had reconfigured itself in the years of her absence.

27 Dec 2017

Frida, a life of pain in real and reel

There is a peripheral debate that’s raging now in the fields of arts and entertainment, the question of whether one should separate the art and the person (usually, the man) who made it.

20 Dec 2017

Ban condom ads, ban sex education!

From 6 am to 10 pm, Indian televisions will no longer broadcast condom ads.

13 Dec 2017

Take life just as it comes to you

The lines flow like waves along their skin, or radiating circles.

08 Dec 2017

The double entendre in food

Putting kadalai is one of my favourite hobbies (a close second to a most favourite hobby, which is receiving kadalai).

29 Nov 2017

What if you meet the ghosts of your past?

This sordid tale with an assuredly happy ending comes courtesy of a workplace advice website called Ask The Manager.

23 Nov 2017

When your past and future converge

Once, when I was much younger, someone laughed because I said I loved Edna St Vincent Millay’s poem, “What lips my lips have kissed, and where, and why”.

15 Nov 2017

A compliment for every nasty text

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that not only do you never get the one apology you deserve while it still matters, but in the meanwhile, all manner of crooks and creeps you stopped caring about

08 Nov 2017

What’s 70 names in a rape culture of 1.3 billion people?

Last week, a young attorney collated a privately-verified, anonymity-assured list of male sexual predators in Indian academia.

01 Nov 2017

Exposed body parts are not invites for sleazy DMs

My Instagram direct message requests folder is currently full of men who think they’re on Tinder.

25 Oct 2017

Be difficult ladies, and remember, you are not alone!

There is a buffer around every man who mistreats women.

17 Oct 2017

The theory of ‘belonging’ and the roots of origin

October 1 was the 10th anniversary of my move to Chennai.

12 Oct 2017