Sharanya Manivannan

Why is olivine not considered special?

It’s said there’s ‘nothing special’ about the tiny green stones that appear to be raining from the sky in Hawaii — fragments of the mineral olivine, spewed in the lava from the ferociously erupting Ki

20 Jun 2018

Artists, you will get many free advice; do what you have to do

Nearly a decade ago, I took some of the worst advice I’ve ever received.

13 Jun 2018

Sometimes you need someone who is ready to be the 13th fairy at social gatherings

Some time ago, I’d been travelling in a rather boring but reasonably picturesque small town which thanks to its appearance in a few films had started to gain the attention of honeymooners.

07 Jun 2018

Revisiting memories through Insta stories

Because I am almost never in Sri Lanka, but my heart – like the south-seeking gaze of Vishnu-Ranganatha, who was also meant to live on the island but doesn’t – is always turned in that direction, I ob

30 May 2018

Another adventure that’s permanently sealed in the heart

There are two placeson the Chennai-Dindivanam highway where the road curves alongside a wall of sheer rock, the side of a hillock cut down to make room for traffic.

17 May 2018

How powerful and charismatic abusers work

The mistake we make when thinking about charismatic and powerful abusers is to assume that their charisma and power come from their talent.

10 May 2018

On a mission to play and tease the universe

My friend and I made wishes on coffee beans and planted them – buried them, actually. We gave our wishes to the earth, hers into hallowed ground and mine in potted jasmine.

09 May 2018

It’s always the woman who is blamed in an extra-marital affair

Neha Gnanavel, who is married to film producer Gnanavel Raja, obviously wants us to forget the objectionable things she posted about women in the cinema industry last week.

28 Mar 2018

Put on the armour, drop your guard

The doors opened and I was inside a zenana: an erstwhile one, turned into a hotel.

21 Mar 2018

Grit your teeth and roll your eyes at healthcare prejudices

Last year, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, a condition in which the butterfly-shaped gland in the neck that controls the delicate and vital thyroid hormone is underactive.

28 Feb 2018

Is it enough to just say  ‘sorry’?

I recently sent a long overdue apology, for the one friendship of mine that had ended in a way in which I could have behaved differently.

21 Feb 2018

Why limit to whispers when you can do justice with the List?

Last week, a young male spoken word poet based in Mumbai was alleged to have sexually harassed teenage girls.

14 Feb 2018

Lady Doritos? No, thank you

A  writer in her 20s, to borrow from Virginia Woolf’s iconic treatise, needs a room of her own and disposable income.

08 Feb 2018

One of the foremost sanskrit poets who wrote her thoughts in scandulous verse

Who can tell what will survive the ages? Sometimes I think of all the beauty we have already lost to neglect, or worse, to elision.

31 Jan 2018

If loneliness is political, then laughter is an antidote and a revolutionary one at that

In George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, the Ministry of Truth concerned itself with propaganda, the Ministry of Peace ran the military forces, the Ministry of Plenty controlled the means of productio

24 Jan 2018