Shom Biswas

Eerie ambience louder than words

Algernon Blackwood’s The Willows is a perfect example of how author is absolute master at creating a surreptitious kind of supernatural without blood and gore

22 Nov 2017

Spine-chilling story that won’t get old

A long short story of chilling horror by English author Algernon Blackwood focuses on human courage which many times is extraordinary

21 Nov 2017

The chill down your spine

Algernon Blackwood’s The Willows was rated as the best tale of the supernatural, by the renowned American horror writer HP Lovecraft.

17 Nov 2017

Unveil mystery through Feluda

Satyajit Ray, legendary film director and one of the greatest creative minds of the last half of the 20th century, is introduced to the Bengali from an earlier age than most others.

10 Nov 2017

Built by aliens with a human touch

Built by Aliens with a Human Touch

07 Nov 2017

A robot that grasped the nuances of justice

My first sci-fi hero was Professor Shonku, the brilliant, reclusive scientist of Satyajit Ray’s short stories.

03 Nov 2017

Meet the wise, funny and loyal Mma Ramotswe

You have to have a heart of stone to not be absolutely smitten by Mma Ramotswe of Alexander McCall Smith’s The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency.

27 Oct 2017

Ruaha to finish the work left unfinished

Almost all reputed novelists and litterateurs of the Bengali language had tried their hand at literature for the young, with varying degrees of success.

20 Oct 2017

The disciplined yet gentle Bade Bhai

Especially for non-readers of Hindi, Premchand can be a rather intimidating figure.

13 Oct 2017

Dear writer, it’s not too late

Mary Ann Shaffer wrote her first book when she was 73 years old which was sold posthumously 

26 Sep 2017

Letters to Juliet on an island’s survival story

Mary Ann Shaffer’s is perhaps the most inspiring story of all writers. Especially for procrastinating writers, people who came into writing very late, and writers who the real-world problem of procuri

22 Sep 2017

When Marlowe became everything a hero is...

You know that the world around you is not perfect.

15 Sep 2017

Lies are okay, but not friends

Philip Marlowe is a fictional character created by Raymond Chandler and first appears in
The Big Sleep, published in 1939. He is nothing extraordinary but hints at the good in every man

13 Sep 2017

Murder of dog leads to shocking truth

2003 mystery novel by British writer Mark Haddo is a first-person account of a 15-year-old boy who  calls himself “a mathematician with some behavioural difficulties” living in Swindon and solving cri

06 Sep 2017

His bonafide tearjerker about a neighbour’s dog

Did you shed a tear after reading The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time? Of course you did! I am well and truly a stone-hearted reader, but I would not deny, this one made me well up a lit

01 Sep 2017