Shom Biswas

What Madness  is to Die for?

Among Jack London’s short stories, the lesser-read classic is The Madness of John Harned, a strange, violent & shocking tale of cultural differences looking deep into the nature of sportsmanship and b

09 Jan 2018

Man versus the bull, in London’s words

Jack London was one of the pioneers of the American short story.

06 Jan 2018

Bryson knows to make science easy

A Short History of Nearly Everything is that pulp science book which is written by and written for non-science educated folks, which STEM-educated folks would equally enjoy.

29 Dec 2017

The innings that wasn’t

Wijedasa Gamini Karunasena, takes immense pride in the initials of his name, which were also those of the first great cricketer, the legendary WG Grace.

15 Dec 2017

From secret service to a flashy spy, Smiley’s stories have them all

James Bond is what you think the Cold War spies were like. George Smiley is what they actually were like.

06 Dec 2017

Lil’ old boy with a talking dog 

Tintin is 88 years old, can you imagine? He first appeared in serialized form in Tintin in the Land of the Soviets, on the 10th of 1929, in the section for young readers of the French newspaper Le Vin

01 Dec 2017