Sujata Anandan

Not worth even a photo on the wall

The AMU controversy might be politically motivated, but the fact is Mohammad Ali Jinnah never stood for anything Indian or Muslim

10 May 2018

‘Fake news’ and freedom of the press

Attempts to muzzle the press are neither new nor unique to the current BJP government at the Centre

11 Apr 2018

India needs no Rasputins

Various godmen have exercised undue influence over governments. Religion and the state are best left strictly apart

10 Mar 2018

Seeking attention with hate

Vinay Katiyar recently said Indian Muslims should go to Pakistan. Here’s why the BJP MP and others who think like him are wrong

10 Feb 2018

Who’s an outsider in Mumbai?

After the recent Kamala Mills fire, BJP lawmaker and actor Hema Malini said the city should set a population limit

05 Jan 2018