The eternal question

It’s a matter of one’s personal music taste, isn’t it — irrespective of which generation one may come from.  

09 Sep 2019

When the clouds break in films

Yesterday, rain clouds were chasing us all the way down East Coast Road and into the bylanes of Chennai.

26 Aug 2019

Thamizh Talkies: Melodies that matter

Every era in Tamil cinema has its own star composer, but not all films can go to them.

29 Jul 2019

A song of life

The earth indeed provides, for each of us and also through each of us, to our fellow travellers. 

15 Jul 2019

Dawn of the digital world

Joy is waking up to find a favourite film - this time, Super Deluxe - on a digital platform.

01 Jul 2019

A paean to perseverance

A film which takes you along its highs and lows in well-paced intervals inside a likeable story belongs to a success template.

13 May 2019

The twelve-minute theory of grabbing audience's attention 

The Tamil song rendered with such lilt by SP Balasubrahmanyam and S Janaki has visuals by writer-director Balu Mahendra, which match the lyrical imagery word for word.

29 Apr 2019

Rise up to greet greatness

The template of masala movie begins and ends with the do-gooder hero, whereas in an art film, the story is the hero. 

01 Apr 2019

RJ Balaji in 'LKG': When the pen isn’t thought to be mighty

Sathyaraj lent his trademark villainy to one of his iconic roles ever, while, in LKG, RJ Balaji lends his trademark humour.

04 Mar 2019

Lessons from the neighbourhood

What impressed me most was the fact that the lead actors made me believe that they are indeed residents of Dharavi.

18 Feb 2019

Petta vs Viswasam: Clash of the Titans

The defining shot of the Petta trailer for me is the one in which Rajinikanth stands alone and rolls the gun with his fingers.

07 Jan 2019

With 'Nadigayar Thilagam', 'Sanju' and more, it's the season of biopics

Biopics on actors seem to be in vogue. Hindi cinema has Sanju coming up, while Tamil and Telugu cinema has Mahanati /Nadigayar Thilagam, based on Savitri’s life.

30 Apr 2018