The gender politics of nuke options

Feminists are accustomed to reading and challenging the violence of power politics and discussions of nuclear policy are exactly that

09 Aug 2019

No women, no peace, no democracy

Afghan women are now fighting for their place on the peace talks table. We have to support them in their newest battle

21 Jun 2019

Healing the wounds of war rape survivors

The right-to-life arguments of the US are resulting in policies that make life impossible for thousands of women around the world

03 May 2019

The trauma of forced displacement

A recent apex court order would lead to the displacement of millions, mostly adivasis, from their traditional forest homes.

25 Feb 2019

Gender violence your problem too

Since early October, India’s attention has been focused on a snowballing sequence of revelations of workplace sexual harassment.

22 Nov 2018

What happens after #MeToo movement?

Recent events have put the spotlight on consent and the ubiquitous sexual violence that women face. And now is the time to talk about it

11 Dec 2017