T J S George

Lies, cash, liquor and elections

A national survey saw 41 per cent of our voters admitting that their votes were influenced by distribution of cash and liquor, writes TJS George.

14 Apr 2019

Necessary evils, too, are evil in game-changer election

Everyone knows that this election is a game changer. It is becoming clear that it is a convention-breaker as well. Things that were a no-no in electioneering are now accepted norms, writes TJS George.

07 Apr 2019

We need to get our India back

Politicians big and small have commented variously on democracy. But the most perceptive observation came from an Anglican priest-turned-Cambridge professor named W R Inge.

31 Mar 2019

Congress’ main enemy? Congress

We don't see or hear the young and the bright in Congress. We hear about the old and the tested only in their unending battles for prominence, writes TJS George.

24 Mar 2019

Get ready for the bitterest, most cold-blooded elections

The ruling dispensation knows that if they don’t win this time, they won’t win for a long time.

17 Mar 2019

The dangers of Israelisation

It would be dangerous for India to interpret these developments as signs of peace breaking out in the region.

10 Mar 2019

No time for politics, jingoism

It is good that 12 fighter jets bombarded a terrorist camp in Pakistan with the intention of delivering a blow that would be remembered.

03 Mar 2019

Aayirathil Oruval: One in a thousand women, Jaya achieved greatness against tremendous odds

Jayalalithaa had everything at her disposal but could not find the enriching relationships she cherished. She was truly lonely.

24 Feb 2019

1984 and compulsive contrarians

The authorities justified it by saying that the rules were framed by the Congress-led UPA government.

24 Feb 2019

Before terrorists, India has no friends; we are alone

The latest JeM strike in J&K, which killed over 40 CRPF men, is an opportunity for us to examine our record, our resolve and our capabilities more closely than before, writes TJS George.

17 Feb 2019

Vadra, a timely weapon for BJP

Unlike father Rajiv Gandhi and brother Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi has to wear two crosses—the Gandhi dynastic cross and the Vadra controversies cross.

10 Feb 2019

Why north-east citizens rebel

Imagine  all south Indian states uniting on a platform of ethnic difference from the north, as C N Annadurai briefly contemplated once upon a time.

03 Feb 2019

When midgets hijack democracy

Small men in big chairs are usually dangerous. It isn’t just the Napoleon Complex: the tendency among short men to be overly assertive to make up for their lack of height.

27 Jan 2019

Swalpa adjust maadi: MLAs for sale, again and again

The resort politics popularised by N T Rama Rao continues unabated. The old motto of Aaya Ram Gaya Ram has given way to the new bazaar practice of Buy Ram Sell Ram.

20 Jan 2019

Ayyappa politics is sacrilege

Two factors are preventing the Sabarimala conundrum from moving towards a solution—and the self-promoting politics of BJP-RSS forces are too unimportant to be one of them.

13 Jan 2019