V Ravichandar

‘Pedestrian-only’ Church St can transform city planning

KYC, Know Your Customer, is something we get reminded (apart from link your Aadhaar) about every time we need to open a bank account. Understanding your target consumers is 101

06 Mar 2018

Civic agencies follow ‘olde worlde’ HR policies and this hurts the city

The State Budget has laid out a series of projects. Bengaluru has a decent listing of promised projects.

20 Feb 2018

The city proposes, the state disposes

There is an upcoming state budget this Friday. With an election around the corner, this budget will be a positive self-appraisal and a statement of intent.

13 Feb 2018

‘Software should have been tested properly before going live’

Earlier, property tax was calculated based on the expected rent from a property.

16 Jun 2017