V Ravichandar

The city proposes, the state disposes

There is an upcoming state budget this Friday. With an election around the corner, this budget will be a positive self-appraisal and a statement of intent.

13 Feb 2018

‘Vision and expertise needed to fix Outer Ring Road’

When executed in 2000-04, it was felt that the Outer Ring Road would be a fix for Bengaluru for the next three decades.

26 Sep 2017

‘Software should have been tested properly before going live’

Earlier, property tax was calculated based on the expected rent from a property.

16 Jun 2017

Sops galore, but will they materialise?

As expected before an election year, many sops have been announced for Bengaluru in the Budget: Namma canteen in each ward, 1,000 toilets, free water for underprivileged groups and more.

16 Mar 2017