Valson Thampu

Protect kids from priest-craft

No religion is safe in the hands of priests. The pattern of irrational dependence on priestly favours impairs your child’s will to endure.

18 Mar 2019

Priest-predators: Who’ll bell the cat?

The problem in expecting solutions to emerge from a distance or from cosmic sources is that it blinds us to what we can do for ourselves.

03 Mar 2019

Judiciary, politics and the truth

I am not surprised when politicians lie. The function of the courts is to make truth count and ensure justice prevails in the public realm.

13 Feb 2019

People should be better than sheep

Custodians of faiths who assert the irrelevance of rationality to the religious domain do so to insulate themselves from accountability.

01 Feb 2019

A message the BJP cannot afford to miss

The Assembly election results are a warning that the shelf-life of the ammunition used in 2014 is nearing expiry date.

17 Jan 2019

My fellow Keralites, be selfish please!

Kerala is a politics-ruined state. I remember fleeing from this lovely state half a century ago just to be able to study.

07 Jan 2019

Christmas as bad news for religion

Jesus remains a chronic headache for the Church. It cannot do without him. Nor can it do with him.

24 Dec 2018

Why Rahul Gandhi must not push Rafale too far

It is that the effectiveness of Rahul’s rhetoric is blunted by the lingering disenchantment of voters over UPA-2’s track record.

18 Dec 2018

Who’ll save Christianity from Church?

What is propagated thereafter, in the name of God, has only one shaping purpose—to promote the interests of the priestly class at the expense of everything else.

19 Nov 2018

Sex and love in the time of #MeToo

What needs to be done, as Socrates said millennia ago, is to ask “Why?”. Why do sex crimes abound and threaten the sanity and cohesion of a society?

07 Nov 2018

How and why I am a Hindu Christian

I am a ‘Hindu Christian’ in Advani’s scheme of things. The task before me is not to resist a label, but to invest it with spiritual significance.

15 Oct 2018

Why religions are expected to decay

Religion may or may not be the last resort of a scoundrel, but it is an ideal hiding place for many who answer that description.

22 Sep 2018

Religion and cultural nationalism

The historical fact that cultural nationalism is not native to India, but an early 20th century import from war-demented Europe, has ceased to bother us.

04 Sep 2018

Japan not just about Shinkansen

The bullet train project, we are told, involves technology transfer. But will it involve culture transfer as well?

12 Oct 2017

Bumbling our way through education

HRD Minister Javadekar’s remark that research was not mandatory for college teachers’ promotions is a step backward

12 Aug 2017