Valson Thampu

The RSS, Pranab and Adi Shankara

At the Nagpur event, the RSS chief spoke about diversity-in-unity while the former prez said unity-in-diversity is the core of India.

15 Jun 2018

Fixing our mediocre universities

If imparting information is the sole purpose of a varsity, it is at risk of becoming obsolete. Good educational resources are available on the web

04 Jun 2018

Requiem for mantra of development

In the first two years of Modi’s reign, India resounded with the drumbeat of development. Its echoes played prettily on the lips of everyone, even the moonstruck Opposition parties.

12 May 2018

Even God is misused by a theocracy

Religious fundamentalism is a throwback to the pre-rational phase of religion. It has a genius for misrepresenting regression as progress

07 May 2018

The case for a politics of ambiguity

In an ambience of presumed infallibility in governance, measures and initiatives are failing to deliver. How are we to decode this anomaly?

23 Apr 2018

Time to end priestly celibacy

Celibacy, especially in its institutionalised mode, is unnatural. It turns out to be a breeding ground for sexual perversion

03 Apr 2018

Why Modi still remains hard to beat

The recent bypoll results do not, in any way, undermine Narendra Modi’s centrality to the political dynamics of this country

20 Mar 2018

Reflections in the days of democracy

A farmer is named and shamed over a loan of few lakhs. No one dares to displease those who rob us of thousands of crores

09 Mar 2018

Kabaddi match after the scam

We cannot afford any longer to be spectators to this Congress-BJP blame game. No corruption is conducive to our welfare

20 Feb 2018

On the evolution of religion

The anxieties of religionists over evolutionist theories merely expose the insecurities that lurk behind the facade of religious dogmatism

24 Jan 2018

Indian secularism at crossroads

The present idea of secularism cannot endure for long. We should adopt the European model of secularism or end up as a theocratic state

11 Jan 2018

Hugging, schools and discipline

A school in Kerala has expelled two students over their ‘prolonged hugging’ in public. Did the school exceed its mandate?

30 Dec 2017

Burden and glory of being a minority

Inequality is inherent in the relationship between the minorities and the mainstream. But this can be a blessing rather than a curse

16 Dec 2017

Democracy and the myth of choice

What does freedom of choice amount to when all parties are inimical to the welfare of the people? At the EVM, a voter has no choice

20 Nov 2017

Japan not just about Shinkansen

The bullet train project, we are told, involves technology transfer. But will it involve culture transfer as well?

12 Oct 2017