Archanaa Seker

Give love a chance

Ihave had the opportunity to meet people from far-reaching corners of the country and from different parts of the world — a lot of them being freedom fighters and activists.

08 Mar 2019

This week in patriarchy 

The week in patriarchy’ is the title of Arwa Mahdawi’s weekly newsletter of the world of feminism and sexism from politics to pop-culture in the Guardian.

14 Feb 2019

Critical thought comes from campus

‘I found and understood myself on a college campus, but how I wish I had had the chance to do it at home’, a queer friend who ‘escaped’ abroad after a traumatic college experience told me recently.

31 Jan 2019

Can we get over the cliches already?

In Maari 2, Dhanush is a don with the titular name who averts a hundred murder attempts.

26 Dec 2018

Code-switching and covering 

It is not code-switching or covering we concluded for obvious reasons of privilege, but we agreed that having to watch over our shoulders as women and as activists is exhausting.

11 Dec 2018

Using privilege to break barriers

A medical way of looking at disability was to categorise people as able, and others as physically, mentally, sensorily, cognitively or intellectually impaired or suffering from chronic disease.

04 Dec 2018

Stop stereotyping female roles

Within a few minutes of the recent flick Imaikaa Nodigal, it is established that CBI Officer Anjali Vikramadithyan played by actor Nayanthara is sharp, efficient and hardworking.

18 Sep 2018