Archanaa Seker

Code-switching and covering 

It is not code-switching or covering we concluded for obvious reasons of privilege, but we agreed that having to watch over our shoulders as women and as activists is exhausting.

11 Dec 2018

Using privilege to break barriers

A medical way of looking at disability was to categorise people as able, and others as physically, mentally, sensorily, cognitively or intellectually impaired or suffering from chronic disease.

04 Dec 2018

Stop stereotyping female roles

Within a few minutes of the recent flick Imaikaa Nodigal, it is established that CBI Officer Anjali Vikramadithyan played by actor Nayanthara is sharp, efficient and hardworking.

18 Sep 2018

Rewrite Roles, Cross cast Women in Tamil Cinema

I cannot get the two films Kolamaavu Kokila (KK) and Pyaar Prema Kadhal (PPK) out of my mind simply because they are important films, albeit flawed ones. Both movies feature strong female leads, but t

29 Aug 2018

Too early for a ‘happy’ Independence Day?

It could be a mere coincidence that I have finished reading Rafia Zakaria’s ‘The Upstairs Wife - An Intimate History of Pakistan’ on the neighbouring country’s Independence Day and the eve of our own.

14 Aug 2018

Do you read enough?

The author talks about how reading widens one’s selfcare, selfpreservation, and selfteaching 

07 Aug 2018

Time to speak about sex without any shame

A  post from the Facebook page ‘MenSpeak’ turned up on my newsfeed yesterday. It was an interview of Priya Seth and her accomplices that had allegedly been taken down by Facebook earlier.

03 Jul 2018

When gender took centre stage this past week

a self-professed media glutton, I am the contrary version of the three wise monkeys. For one, I am all of them in one body and secondly, I hear, see and say too much. All that consumption and conversation

26 Jun 2018

Tone policing is also a form of casual sexism 

I have a friend who can be described as a sensitive, socially conscious person. I have held him in high regard in all the time I’ve known him and hoped his intuitiveness rubs off on more people

24 Apr 2018

‘We are pregnant’, because it’s  as much his baby as it is hers

My mother stopped in her tracks when I announced loudly that my friend is pregnant. For a moment I wondered if I had said something blasphemous or even worse, if this was going to trigger an episode o

10 Apr 2018

Breasts belong to women, but everyone has an opinion on what to do with it

An article on Facebook led me to The Blouse, author Perumal Murugan’s short story available on Juggernaut Books.

03 Apr 2018

We need a ‘culture of safety’ in every city to promote gender sensitivity

An IT employee was assaulted on her way back home from work last week. As always in the aftermath on these incidents, forums are rife with conversations about women’s safety.

23 Feb 2018