Shinie Antony

The short and the short of it

Hope the next leading man to contract himself on a 70 mm screen won’t sell himself short.

06 Jan 2019

Man, woman, equality

Man and wife. Mr and Mrs. So fixed the usages that no wife, no Mrs ever bothered to protest their tag-along status. An unholy imbalance dogs holy matrimony.

18 Nov 2018

Doubt is part of faith

If a finger is pointed, obviously facts should be studied and the matter sorted. By going all macho on the accusers, the accused weakens his own stand.

29 Sep 2018

Till Sleep Do Us Part

n our waking hours, it’s true, we dream of romance but when we sleep we just sleep.  Couples joined at the hip, stuck to each other by the superglue of love, even Romeos and Juliets who get past their

16 Aug 2018

An ultrasound story

I  am all for people going childless.

21 Jun 2018

Gossip is the showstopper in the catwalk of life

Gossip is power. This is the real money in the bank. It is low-cal and non-fattening. And nothing is too sacred.

16 Jun 2018

Gotta Kiss Myself I’m so Pretty

These women who claim to love, to love a lot, to love too much, to love no other, to love like no one ever loved, to live for love, to die for love—what’s the deal with them?

12 May 2018

What they say about women

Clichés and couture are an audio-visual documentation of trends and ideologies down the ages.

27 Jan 2018

Which #MeToo are you?

You know Hollywood’s caught pants down. With more and more actresses joining the #MeToo brigade and stars like James Franco and Michael Douglas busy issuing denials, off-screen beats onscreen.

13 Jan 2018