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Till Sleep Do Us Part

n our waking hours, it’s true, we dream of romance but when we sleep we just sleep.  Couples joined at the hip, stuck to each other by the superglue of love, even Romeos and Juliets who get past their

16 Aug 2018

An ultrasound story

I  am all for people going childless.

21 Jun 2018

Gotta Kiss Myself I’m so Pretty

These women who claim to love, to love a lot, to love too much, to love no other, to love like no one ever loved, to live for love, to die for love—what’s the deal with them?

12 May 2018

What they say about women

Clichés and couture are an audio-visual documentation of trends and ideologies down the ages.

27 Jan 2018

Which #MeToo are you?

You know Hollywood’s caught pants down. With more and more actresses joining the #MeToo brigade and stars like James Franco and Michael Douglas busy issuing denials, off-screen beats onscreen.

13 Jan 2018

Bow to the new stand-up god

Leaders must make us laugh. It’s like men found out—after intense declarations and smouldering eyes failed to do the trick when it came to women—that the fastest wooing is wit-based.

11 Nov 2017

How do i spurn thee? let me count the ways

All is not what it seems in showbiz. In movies and music videos the world may well be a rom-com, but behind the scenes is the casting couch.

14 Oct 2017

Is it little miss tintin or Mr Tintin?

Fictional characters have secrets too.

23 Sep 2017

The legend of the ring lives on

Wendy Doniger talks about the stories and a sense of purpose, and even intentions that jewels have

08 Jul 2017

The back story of Kim’s back

Kim Kardashian has gone and flashed the wrong dimples this time. Her famous posterior was recently clicked in all its glory, or rather all its non-glory

07 May 2017

Everything’s a joke to satirists

The best satires are written by the seriously pissed—the angrier they are, the more biting the writing. Life is too tragi-comic and either one goes sublimely profound on it or exposes it for the farce

27 Apr 2017

It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world?

The Kardashians are quaking in their impossibly high stilettoes. Kate Middleton’s recent confessions may merit a reality show of her own.

23 Apr 2017

And the oscar for best mix-up goes to...

All those who switched off their TVs just when La La Land won the Best Picture, missed out on a lovely live twist in the tale.

04 Mar 2017

Anatomy of a difficult marriage

The book chronicles the liaison between Mohammad Ali Jinnah and Ruttie Petit.

04 Mar 2017

Lit fests taking right turn?

Desi lit fests, at last count, were inching towards 100. Considering that India is made up of 29 states and seven UTs, are our current litterateurs speaking more than they are writing?

22 Jan 2017

No more covering up, say sexually harassed women

According to traditional Indian culture, everything is the girl’s fault. From rape to widowhood to giving birth only to daughters, it all boils down to the woman. Take eve-teasing.

08 Jan 2017

Love in the time of porn

A collection of erotic tales by writers using adult prose that pursues and chases you with dirty talk

07 Jan 2017

Men who take ‘work’ home

Very few women ride on their colleague’s shoulders, preferring to take a cab home after work.

26 Nov 2016

Love ‘Guru’s tips the stand-up style

Underneath the fun and frolic that is the epitome of Broacha’s wit, there is an aptness to his 
words, and he takes up male awkwardness and foibles with as much affection as satirical intent

07 Nov 2016

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