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Fire Signs: Where you should Travel in 2018

They may face some sense of frustration this year. So, they should not hesitate in going on a trip they have been planning for quite some time.

20 Jan 2018

Zodiac signs and their resolutions for 2018

They should take a stand for themselves and let people not treat them like a pushover. Take firm decisions for themselves and not let people mock them, even if it is done in an ‘affectionate’ manner.

13 Jan 2018

Who is afraid of Virginia woolf-ji?

Xenophobia is sign of national insecurity and lack of self-confidence.

13 Jan 2018

We must continue to celebrate diversity

As the plane began its descent preparing to land in Mumbai on the day the city was brought to its knees by Dalit protestors against ‘New Peshwai’, there was a sinking feeling in the stomach.

13 Jan 2018

Which #MeToo are you?

You know Hollywood’s caught pants down. With more and more actresses joining the #MeToo brigade and stars like James Franco and Michael Douglas busy issuing denials, off-screen beats onscreen.

13 Jan 2018

Pakistan army domination marks Jadhav Case

Indians across the country, including those given to acting as apologists for Pakistan’s actions, saw the stark reality and venality of Pakistani behaviour, when the 70-year-old mother and the wife of

13 Jan 2018

Our democracy is only 70 years old, let us give it a fair chance

Two hundred and twenty years ago, the King of Cochin, Rama Varma IX, decided to build a new capital in Thrissur.

13 Jan 2018

Professional thievery....... and eternal love for the Bard!

The A-One of all bards (good one, no?) may not have liked the following puzzle but at least he would have been grateful that even those who claim to grace our halls of higher academe can still be croo

13 Jan 2018

Words To The Wise

The agony and ecstasy governing problems using words or, more accurately, where a bunch of them are given and you have to then figure out what connects them or delve a deeper relationship is that I us

06 Jan 2018

Slang happens when language walks the talk

When John le Carre was asked by a British interviewer why he did not immigrate to France or some other country where taxes were less punitive than in the UK, the novelist replied with an anecdote.

06 Jan 2018

Defeat of ISIS Greatest Strategic Achievement, But it May Live to Fight Another Day

The greatest strategic achievements of 2017 was the eventual defeat of the ISIS both at Mosul and Raqqa and its eviction from the Levant.

06 Jan 2018

Correct Wrongs of History for Equality of Indians

The Battle of Koregaon was between 2,000 Maratha soldiers of Peshwa Baji Rao II and 800 East India Company soldiers.

06 Jan 2018

No Need to Swear Off From Swearing

Sexist, racial or caste-based slurs are not acceptable in anyone, no matter how intelligent or honest they are.

06 Jan 2018

Will the FRDI Bill be DeMo 2.0?

The Financial Resolution and Deposit Insurance Bill (FRDI) being designed to fence financial institutions from collapse has stirred panic and rumour-mongering reminiscent of demonetisation.

06 Jan 2018

How 2018 will turn out for the Zodiac Signs

Next year will begin on a good note for Aries as from January 16 onwards, post the onset of the Mars effect till the Jupiter aspect up to October 10 will bring a lot of happiness in family as well as

30 Dec 2017

Zodiac signs and their wealth prowess

They balance intellect with a wild streak, which seems to apply to their financial prowess. Aries are most likely to save a substantial pile of cash, and then proceed to spend it freely.

23 Dec 2017

No ideology of BJP without the idea of Modi

The BJP won in Gujarat. Narendra Modi triumphed in Gujarat.

23 Dec 2017

BJP has to wrestle and vanquish internal demons

Now that the votes have been counted and the results announced, all that remains to be done is to analyse the relative vote share, exceptionally close contests and to speculate intelligently or otherw

23 Dec 2017

Envy, like jealousy, knows no gender

If you’re successful in your field, you can expect to have some enemies.

23 Dec 2017

India’s uneasy stand with China and Russia

With the Soviet Union collapsing in 1992, its Foreign Minister Yevgeny Primakov, who became Prime Minister in 1998, realised that Russia needed India and China as major partners to balance American po

23 Dec 2017

Despite boasting no scriptural authority, black arts still reign supreme

Astrology and all such mystical things are generally signs of a weak mind; therefore, as soon as they become prominent in our minds, we should see a physician, take good food, and rest.

23 Dec 2017