Tanuj Solanki

What exactly is the truth?

Here’s a read on sage Markandeya’s stories about  ‘the supreme greatness of women’

18 Apr 2018

Chithra Madhavan

Siva is Nandishwarar here

Adambakkam, situated close to Alandur, is an ancient place as testified to by the presence of an old temple for Siva, worshipped as Nandishwarar.

18 Apr 2018

saumya R chawla

Spring cleaning time for your make-up kits

Humour me when I compare my travel make-up pouch to a little black book that I treasure in the relationship I have with myself. It holds all these gorgeous products I know I’d marry in a heartbeat if they’d just pick up the phone and commit already, a few trustworthy friends who won’t l

18 Apr 2018

V. Ravichandar

More we get candidates to commit now, greater chances for better outcomes

It’s election time, and one is reminded about the classical Sound of Music song about Maria – ‘how do you solve a problem like Maria, how do you catch a cloud and pin it down …… how to

18 Apr 2018

Elizabeth Koshy

Trapped in a room without windows

For some of us, starting the day without reading a newspaper is like drinking a cup of tea that has turned cold or eating food without salt.

18 Apr 2018

Express News Service

Where is Saddam?

The man who ruled Iraq with an iron fist for a quarter of a century was hanged at dawn on 30 December 2006, delighting many of the country’s long-oppressed majority Shiites and symbolising the humilia

18 Apr 2018

K Jayakumar

Relevance of ambedkar in today’s India

The social and economic justice that Dalits and tribals should’ve got long ago have still not reached them as facts show

18 Apr 2018

Mini Krishnan

A mysterious garland for a guest in Goa

on a balmy day in December I reached Goa and after the predictable chaos at the luggage counter, was met by a very polite team outside the airport.

17 Apr 2018

Express News Service

Narco border murders

The kidnapping and killing of two journalists and their driver has thrown up an uncomfortable truth for Colombia and Ecuador, analysts say: that their long-neglected border has become a drug traffickers’ nirvana

17 Apr 2018

Michel Danino

In India, is it Secularism or minorityism?

If one protests acts of aggression against minorities, one is secular; if one points out  Hindus have been victims too, one is ‘communal’

17 Apr 2018

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