Saumya Chawla

Body mists made out of mermaid dreams

When the time comes (very soon) that I am old enough to be exactly everyone’s grandmother; I’m excited to let you guys know that I’ll be prepared with a ton of genius life hacks, fun stories and const

21 Feb 2018

Shiv Sethi

A boy and his balloons of sorrow and joy

In his popular poem “The Chimney Sweeper”, William Blake lambasts the society in which the scourge of child labour is rampant.

20 Feb 2018

Express News Service

Cold blood, warm ties

Cobra Gold, one of the largest military exercises in Asia, brings together thousands of troops from the US, Thailand and other countries for 10 days of field training on Thai shores.

20 Feb 2018

Valson Thampu

Kabaddi match after the scam

We cannot afford any longer to be spectators to this Congress-BJP blame game. No corruption is conducive to our welfare

20 Feb 2018

Samrat Choudhary

Another state where money talks

The Nagaland contest is between a fear of Hindutva, as articulated by the Church, and hope for a peace settlement. And then there is cash

19 Feb 2018

Poland’s Holocaust Bill

Israel and Poland are locked in a battle over the latter’s controversial Holocaust Bill.

19 Feb 2018

Rishi Sabharwal

If the Starman sends home a message

The events of the last couple of weeks are enough to give every space enthusiast an adrenaline rush that could last for months.

19 Feb 2018

Santwana Bhattacharya


The dwindling coffers of the Grand Old Party are not getting replenished the way they used to.

18 Feb 2018

Pradeep Magazine

Kohli brilliance aside, India’s WC aspirations still work in progress  

though the World Cup is a year away, has India’s overpoweringly dominant performance against the South Africans made them a strong contender for the title?

17 Feb 2018

Amareswar Galla

Hoi An or the Ancient Amaravathi in Vietnam

Choices in public and private sector partnerships have provided for sustainable poverty reduction and human development in Vietnam.

17 Feb 2018

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