Saumya Chawla

50 shades of dark circles

My beauty writer senses are prickling and I simply must find out.

13 Feb 2018

Mini Krishnan

The book full of security breaches

I wonder if anyone remembers what it was like before Sam Pitroda brought magic to us and connected all of India including our villages to an electronic network of telephones that actually functioned.

13 Feb 2018

When Cyborgs took on Russia

A new Ukrainian feature film called Cyborgs has become the first to depict the bloody war against Russian-backed separatists, focusing on a battle for a highly symbolic airport.

13 Feb 2018

A Surya Prakash

Dealing with a Rajya Sabha roadblock

Two important legislative measures are stalled because the government of the day does not have a majority in the Upper House

13 Feb 2018

Tanuj Solanki

Fate brings brothers together

In the final leg of their pilgrimage, the Pandavas approach Mount Kailasa, the abode of Nara and Narayana.

13 Feb 2018

Suresh Sundaram

Amid farm distress in Tamil Nadu, Palaniswami plays the Siddu card

Enough of confusion has been there for the past two decades....We will give the verdict in four weeks.”

12 Feb 2018

Dr George Jacob

Calm amidst the raging storm

Recently, I had to attend one of my relative’s funeral. The lady, in her 60s, had succumbed to protracted chronic diseases.

12 Feb 2018

Accidental neighbours

You can choose your friends, not your neighbours, goes the saying. China and Afghanistan weren’t even supposed to be neighbours

12 Feb 2018

Gautam Pingle

When Khilji plundered Telangana

Telangana was battered by seven raids by Alauddin’s armies. These were not conquests as such but extraction of tribute by force

12 Feb 2018

Defending our nation

The officer on whom the ‘defence of India’ rests according to the Constitution is the defence secretary.

12 Feb 2018

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