Aarthi Murali

Love to greed in 13 photographs

Anandha Krishna's photo series shows the harmful effects of human greed. He conveys the affiliation of man and nature using warm tones and a tribal setting.

10 May 2018

Students from 35 cities train to win International Olympiad

The nine-day training camp for International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI), has 25 students hard at work, at the Chennai Mathematical Institute.

09 May 2018

Bare your feet for International Barefoot Running Day

May 6 is International Barefoot Running Day. Eight in 50 runners in the city prefer running barefoot.

05 May 2018

Scoops of surprise

Dessert bars in the city are on a summer spree to innovate unusual ice cream flavours. From paan ice cream to chai spice and chandan, these frozen delights are sure to keep you cool.

03 May 2018

Made in Europe stitched in india

Based on a European folktale, ‘The Clever Tailor’ is the story of an Indian tailor whose creations are stitched to sustain

02 May 2018

‘Habit becomes addiction when you evade emotions’

While alcohol, drugs and substances addiction are both prevalent and identifiable; there are other less-known addictions, right around us, which are as common and harmful as these.

02 May 2018

One decision, numerous conflicts and confusions

What is the consequence of following your conscience? In a Tamil play Manasaatchi, this question lingers right from the beginning.

02 May 2018

Not a key out of place for 45 years

Tucked away in one of the remote lanes of Thiru Vi Ka Street in Red Hills is T Benny’s house.

26 Apr 2018

Raze the blaze with undercut

 You must have watched Surya’s film, 24,” says Prashanth Y, when asked about his undercut. As I look at him, doubtfully, trying to draw the connection, he explains, “It’s called the 24 cut, because it

19 Apr 2018

A War of words

l    Pattimandrams, a form of traditional debate, give the audience a broad   perspective on topical matters l    Over the years, subjects and venues have evolved, with debaters providing entertainmen

18 Apr 2018

New Year, Old traditions

Chennai’s vibrant and diverse ethnic communities share their traditions of how they cook, celebrate and make merry on the day of New Year

14 Apr 2018

Check and mate on  the roads of Bhopal

Roadside chess is called by many names in various parts of the country. For the people of Bhopal a game of Chakki Chauraha, is played with passion.

04 Apr 2018

Rare thalams brought alive in margams

Long, rare thalams can be a part of dance recitals too,” asserts Madurai R Muralidaran, a composer, musician, dancer, and artistic director at Nrityakshetra Dance Academy.

29 Mar 2018

Esoteric secrets through Claus Ankersen’s magical lens

In Claus Ankersen’s world of poetry, much like his life, reality is magical. He is a Denmark-based traveller, artist, performer, and author of eight books of prose and poetry.

28 Mar 2018

Idliman cooks to fame

From being a rickshaw puller to a Guinness record holder, Iniyavan's story is steamed with grit and guts.

28 Mar 2018