Aihik Sur

How AIMIM’s vote share increased in Hyderabad

Statistics of last three elections show that the party has gained considerable vote share in Hyderabad Lok Sabha segment.

5 hours ago

In biggest victory yet, Owaisi secures Hyderabad for fourth time

When counting started in the morning, AIMIM supporters were in for a scare when they saw that their chief was trailing behind Rao after the release of the results of the first phase.

24 May 2019

‘Informal’ panel to pace up conservation

On Monday, Kumar had a meeting with Hyderabad Heritage Trust, an NGO. 

22 May 2019

Will procrastination dent Golconda Fort’s heritage tag chances?

A look at the ground reality shows that a lot of work is yet to be completed, while many are yet to begin.

20 May 2019

Unnatural deaths can make repatriation quite taxing

This whole process usually takes 2-4 weeks to complete due to the presence of local procedures.

16 May 2019

Fraud escort services now on social media

Such websites have been unearthed earlier,now they find presence on social media

15 May 2019

‘Portraying women as sex objects helps booze, cigarette firms’

This was according to a study aimed at understanding the influence of women in TV commercials.

12 May 2019

Wasn’t Charminar's minaret fixed six months ago, asks GHMC

Further, the civic body pointed out how the ASI had reportedly ‘finished’ conserving the southwest minaret, a portion of which fell off on Thursday. 

05 May 2019

To protect Charminar, ASI wants more area under its purview 

From illegal constructions to underground pipelines, ASI outlines how too many factors which directly affect the ageing monument, are outside its jurisdiction

04 May 2019

WATCH | A chunk of one of Charminar's minarets falls down

A part of the ornamental stucco work of minar on the Laad Bazar side of the monument facing the road towards Shahalibanda fell down to a resounding clamour on 11.30 pm on Wednesday.

03 May 2019

Telangana IT industry makes a mark, reaches an all-time high

IT exports of the youngest State of the country have risen massively, from `57,258 crore in 2013 to `1.09 lakh crore this year 

01 May 2019

Political parties resorting to targeted messaging to reach out to voters

Srinivasan said that if one wishes to not receive such calls, they can complain to the Department of Telecommunications or install applications like Truecaller. 

29 Apr 2019

‘But sir, the ancient temple is new here’

The ASI was put in a spot by an alleged encroacher, who asked if translocated temples are covered under encroachment mandate.

27 Apr 2019

Easier said than done

Encroachers find myriad ways around ASI’s eviction notices, in the absence of any compensation for moving out of restricted areas around heritage sites

25 Apr 2019

Student innovators from Telangana develop 3-in-1 cleaning machine

As for power, though it draws energy from the sun, the innovators also provided an option for it to be charged externally.

24 Apr 2019