Aihik Sur

Beautification to increase footfall at Laad Bazar: GHMC

After Charminar Pedestrianisation Project (CPP) around the Charminar vicinity, GHMC officials are now readying themselves to take up other beautification projects.

19 Jul 2018

It matters little if the killer is dead or not: Murdered Kansas techie Sharath Koppu’s kin

Sharath Koppu, a student at the University of Missouri, was killed on July 6 and was brought back to the country with the help of the central and state governments, and the US on July 11.

17 Jul 2018

Cutting delays: Waqf Board goes online

In the coming months, an aggrieved party could just sit at home and lodge a complaint with the Waqf board at the click of the mouse.

16 Jul 2018

Hyderabad: How Sarojini Naidu’s literary trove ended up in Monda grain market

The documents were moved after poetess Sarojini Naidu's memorial, the Sarojini Naidu Memorial Trust, collapsed in the 1990s due to rains.

12 Jul 2018

Hyderabad: Sarojini Naidu's priceless documents found in a shabby building

At least 12 cardboard boxes full of correspondences, letters and old photographs of freedom fighter and poet Sarojini Naidu have been unearthed from 70 almirahs inside an old building in Hyderabad.

12 Jul 2018

As Centre seeks ban, BJP leader in Hyderabad says genital mutilation is ‘personal choice’!

At a time when both the Centre and the Supreme Court have sought a ban on female genital mutilation, a city-based BJP leader has told Express that it’s a matter of ‘personal choice’! 

11 Jul 2018

Ajanta cave paintings of Nizam era lie in a state of neglect

Today, a part of the replicas displayed in the Ajanta Frescoes Gallery of the State Museum at Nampally looks as if someone had shot them with shotgun pellets.

08 Jul 2018

There is need of scale to assess trauma of child sexual abuse survivors: Study

Of the 52 Asian-centric scales reviewed, only nine were available in Indian languages, says study.

07 Jul 2018

Hyderabad: Boy raped, killed by his minor friend?

Langerhouz police have arrested the accused a case under the controversial Section 377 and Section 302 of IPC has been filed on him and three others.

05 Jul 2018

More than half school kids underweight: study

It found that a whopping 402 children,  more than half the number surveyed, were underweight. 

01 Jul 2018

No movie, delayed refund miff movie buffs at PVR Punjagutta 

Even before the movies were halfway through, the power went out, at around 9 pm.  

30 Jun 2018

Bidri craft workers look up to Internet to get remunerative prices

Khaleel’s key customer is Telangana State Handicraft’s Development Corporation (TSHDC) who buys in bulk for Golconda handicrafts.

24 Jun 2018

Brands, celebs decide Hyd’s love for organics

Study says 40% of customers evaluated authenticity of organic products based on brand image

24 Jun 2018

Much needed facelift for Shah Raju dome

With the Telangana government releasing `40 lakh, restoration work has finally begun on the centuries-old and one of the tallest tombs in the country, Dargah of Shah Raju Qattal at Misrigunj.

23 Jun 2018

The 116-year-old Mahbub Mansion in a state of neglect

Mahbub Mansion, a palace named after Asaf Jah VI, lies in a state of neglect. The area around the mansion is facing considerable problems due to encroachment.

21 Jun 2018