Aihik Sur

Push attack! Beware of this latest cyber trap

The McAfee researcher suggested following Google’s guide to customise which sites to receive push notifications from. Use of parental controls were also recommended. 

11 Nov 2018

Army veterans recall how they foiled 1988 coup

The People’s Liberation Organisation of Tamil Eelam, backed by Maldivian businessman Abdulla Luthufi, mounted a coup in the Maldives in November 1988.

11 Nov 2018

Big gap: Increase in women voters in 11 districts, but not in representation

Out of the 31 districts in the State, 11 have a higher number of women voters than their male counterparts, as per the final electoral roll published on the State Chief Election Officer’s website.

11 Nov 2018

Your stolen Facebook details up for sale on darkweb for just Rs 100!

What are the kind of merchandise available on the darkweb? Apart from the usual stuff like guns and drugs, a price is also put on your personal data.

11 Nov 2018

Something phishy: India is both offender and victim of spamming

With 2.78 per cent of the total global spam attacks from July to September, India was found to be the one of the top ten countries from where spam messages originated.

10 Nov 2018

Was ECI’s 2015 drive to delete duplicate voter entries flawed?

A more serious concern revealed was that, the Aadhaar details used to identify the duplicate entries were accessed without the permission of the general public.

10 Nov 2018

Operation Cactus veterans recall how they foiled the 1988 Maldives coup

On Sunday, security personnel who participated in the mission, famously known as Operation Cactus, gave a first-hand account of how they secured the Maldivian president.

05 Nov 2018

How Indian troops saved Maldivian President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom from crisis

The PLOTE, backed by Maldivian businessman Abdulla Luthufi, mounted a coup in the country.

05 Nov 2018

Musical chair: AIMIM shifts Mumtaz Khan to beat anti-incumbency factor

Mumtaz Ahmed Khan had first won from Yakutpura in 1994 under Majilis Bachao Tehreek(MBT) before skipping MBT and contested elections from an AIMIM ticket in 1999.  

04 Nov 2018

Light and Sound show at Golconda gets a revamp

Currently, the show is voiced by actor Amitabh Bachchan, interspersed by others including gazal singer Jagjit Singh.

01 Nov 2018

Free Charminar from encroachment: ASI sends gentle reminder to DGP

It is important to note that the ASI, time and again, has maintained that Bhagyalaxmi temple, too, is an encroachment. 

31 Oct 2018

7 TRS, 1 Congress MLAs have not disclosed PAN

In the pan-India survey, Telangana ranked 10th among the 26 parties whose MLAs/MPs have not disclosed PAN. At the helm was Kerala, where 33 MLAs have not disclosed the same.

30 Oct 2018

BJP self goal: Subramanian Swamy says FM Jaitley knows nothing about economics

 Swami said that he had given his recommendations to PM Modi in writing, who then forwarded it to Jaitley. 

29 Oct 2018

Keeping pace, Kalamkari enters e-commerce space

Instead of designing on the cloth using a pen, the machines create digital prints and then make large stencils. 

28 Oct 2018

When gamers fall prey to hackers

Its important to be aware of the risks associated with chatting to strangers.

28 Oct 2018