Akhila Damodaran

Pet project of canine chef: Whipping up a healthy pet meal

Inspired by his pet, Harley, who is named after his bike, Ishmeet got into researching about canine nutrition and launched his business in 2012.

24 May 2018

These Bengaluru couples pick pets over parenthood

Married couples in the city are opting to be pet-parents over having biological children owing to high costs of living and fear of being abandoned in old age. 

22 May 2018

Timeless Tempera tales 

With an aim to  conserve and promote the beauty of one of the oldest styles of art, gallery g is hosting an exhibition along with the Bengal School of Art

21 May 2018

Bengaluru to Budapest: An artist's journey

Artist Ramesh’s exhibit of 23 impressionistic paintings have been inspired by artist Jackson Pollock

15 May 2018

Surf photography: Splash with a flash

Water as a subject is quite different from other subjects of photography...

14 May 2018

Live and learn through travel

Make your travel experiences more meaningful through voluntourism, a combination of volunteering and tourism.     Bengalureans are jumping on to the bandwagon, with most from IT sectors.

14 May 2018

Fine print in the making

Get a visual understanding of printmaking at an open-for-all workshop conducted by eminent artists from across the country at the National Printmaking Workshop.

09 May 2018

Grand Old Lady of the letters

Bowring Institute, which is over 130 years old, started as a club for literary and cultural pursuits

03 May 2018

Room for your pet? Book a year ahead

With number of pets increasing in city, people have to book slots at boarding facilities well in advance; they plan holidays around slots available

01 May 2018

I like to keep my comedy to true life stories: Satish Perumal

Stand-up comedian Satish Perumal feels despite the abundance of talent in Bengaluru, very rarely these comics or their acts go viral like their counterparts in Mumbai and Delhi.

26 Apr 2018

Death penalty is a cop out, say Bengaluru parents

l    Parents and child rights experts say that death penalty to rapists of minors will 
not serve the victim; in fact, this might put victims at greater risk, they say

24 Apr 2018

Will do a Kannada song if I get one: KK

Ahead of the singer’s performance, CE caught up with the artist, who says he wanted to shift here before it got too hot

21 Apr 2018

Why Bengalureans are losing the flab war

A study says seven out of ten people in the city do not follow any diet; the most common reasons given by people are busy work hours, travelling and lack of motivation

09 Apr 2018

City’s citadel in times of plague

The oldest civil hospital in the city, Bowring and Lady Curzon Hospital, is still the first to be alerted when a VIP is in town in case of any emergencies.

05 Apr 2018

Twirl and sway to folk music at Ghoomar Fest

Deen Mohammed Troupe from Rajasthan will be presenting thousand-year-old folk dances and music; Watch out for ‘naagin’ dance.

01 Apr 2018