Akhila Damodaran

Portable device to ensure safety of loved ones

The petition on change.org, requesting cab aggregators to train women in driving, has received more than 7,000 signatures.

15 Sep 2018

Breaking myths on sattvic food

Get introduced to’ Sattvic cuisine’ at Sattvam.

15 Sep 2018

Golf club that houses stories from yore

This is the only golf club in India that has taken such measures for safety of players and others, Shivpradeep claims. 

13 Sep 2018

A slimy hell!

Unbearable stench, vegetables and waste thrown on the road, and poor maintenance and upkeep have rendered the Madiwala market repulsive for those passing through and those staying nearby.

13 Sep 2018

Walkathon to sensitise public on child sexual abuse

Every 17 hours, a girl below the age of six gets raped in India.

12 Sep 2018

Kathakali artiste receives award in New York

Bengaluru-based Kathakali artiste Prabal Gupta has been awarded the Outstanding Citizen Award by New York City Council while he was in the US to perform in August. 

11 Sep 2018

Does Bengaluru continue to be the suicide capital of India?  

This year, till July, Bengaluru has already recorded 1,921 suicide. This is more than 50 per cent of the number of suicides that were committed in 2017.

10 Sep 2018

Animal lovers come out in support of veterinarian

Support has been pouring in for Dr Akshay Prakash, chief veterinary doctor and trustee of Sarvodaya Sevabhavi Samstha from animal welfare activists.

06 Sep 2018

Indiranagar residents and pub at loggerheads over ‘loud music’

After a ‘harrowing’ Saturday night, residents of Indiranagar took to Twitter regarding the disturbance from Tipsy Bull – a pub on 100-feet Road — they have been facing over the last few years.

03 Sep 2018

Killer stray dog menace looms large in Bengaluru

Two children were fatally attacked by strays in a span of just four days People’s dog breed preferences, inefficient ABC programme mainly to blame, say animal lovers, activists. 

03 Sep 2018

Home away from home: Ghar ka Khana menu by JW Kitchen

The buffet included live stations, where food was prepared as per the order so that customers could be served fresh, says the chef.

01 Sep 2018

Paintings exhibit stories of rescued dogs

The event includes a coffee-table book launch with paintings and stories of about 20 dogs rescued by Sujaya.

01 Sep 2018

Roadtrippers pool together to travel and learn

This travel community could also help everyone to check the places on their bucket list.

30 Aug 2018

 No policy to promote cycling in city

Currently, there are approximately 45,000 cyclists in the city but no measures have been taken by the authority to promote cycling or ensure safety of the riders.

30 Aug 2018

Learn to live with potholes, they aren’t going anywhere in Bengaluru

Potholes remain, and are likely to be a perennial feature on Bengaluru’s roads for motorists to avoid.

30 Aug 2018