Akhila Damodaran

This hotel general manager in Bengaluru can’t keep his hands off the tabla

Apart from music, Bose loves sports and says football and cricket are an integral part of every Bengali household.

24 Apr 2019

‘Photography helped me deal with postpartum depression’

... says Marta F Andres,a photographer who moved to Bengaluru along with her five-year-old daughter and footballer husband Alberto Serrano, who’s currently playing for Bengaluru Football Club

18 Apr 2019

Behind the scenes of Brahmastra logo release

Bengaluru team created flylight swarm formations with 150 drones to write on the sky

18 Apr 2019

Selfie? no please, can i get an autograph instead?

Vijay Felix has more than 120 miniature bats, 26 jerseys, 6 to 10 caps, 30 balls and over 200 pictures signed by cricketers

18 Apr 2019

Bengaluru techies expecting least increment: Survey

Bengaluru techies are expecting lower salary increments as compared to IT professionals in other cities this year, according to a survey by the career portal.

17 Apr 2019

Visually-challenged footballers hope to be game changers

Crowds remain silent to ensure players can hear the ball and fellow teammates. 

16 Apr 2019

Meet the artist who uses gardens, large spaces and terraces as her canvas

 Gone are the days when Bengalureans used to be content with just home decor for their abode. Residents are now hiring landscape professionals to beautify their gardens.

15 Apr 2019

Bloggers hit right keys with Kannada

The past two months have been a refreshing change for Ramya Umesh.

15 Apr 2019

Planning to vote? Head to restaurants in Bengaluru soon after to avail discounts, offers

Few hotels are also creating a special menu for the occasion.

11 Apr 2019

Chefs gear up to hit ‘boiling point’ at this culinary event in Bengaluru

Boiling Point will see 22 chefs from top hotels and standalone properties will get a chance to showcase their skills.

08 Apr 2019

Feel it, say it: Creating a safe space in Bengaluru

Upcoming art event aims to start a conversation about the political system, governance and social issues.

08 Apr 2019

Why this Bengaluru teenager looks at the glass half full

A few years ago Gulhati suddenly started noticing news articles on droughts and water-related issues across the country.

08 Apr 2019

Pet owners turn to ‘petstagram’ for health advice for their pooches

According to social media influencers, ‘hoomans’ prefer checking with them on routine matters, rather than visiting vets

08 Apr 2019

2,000-year-old Baul poetry set to come alive today in Bengaluru

The 2000-year-old poetry form is a part of a Buddhist tradition.

05 Apr 2019

Homemakers, IT professionals in Bengaluru to walk the ramp for social cause

‘Ramp The Cause’ will see various people walkin the ramp in order to create awareness on various issues.

04 Apr 2019