Alex Mathew

It’s raining nature’s love

It is a known fact that the elements of rain, love and nature are sure-fire enhancers of a poetic frame.

17 Jul 2018

‘Rolltheball’ to groove to the rhythm of soccer spirit

‘Rolltheball’ is a ‘sports news platform’ with all the details of FIFA World Cup, that is set to roll out on June 14

21 May 2018

Automated ‘Medibed’ to the aid of the bedridden

The brainchild of a group of AISAT students, the bed comes with automated temperature control and heartbeat alert system

23 Apr 2018

Passengers escape with minor injuries after car falls into gorge in Idukki

The incident happened on Thursday morning when the car plunged into a gorge between Pampadumpara and Vattappara when the driver lost control of the vehicle while negotiating a curve.

12 Apr 2018