Anahita Mukherji

Why Trump still has supporters

Even though he is scandal-ridden, the US prez’s support base has remained almost steady. Who exactly are these people who back him?

11 Dec 2018

America’s war on immigrants

We have our military on the border.

09 Nov 2018

Flush with money from Saudi monarchy, Silicon Valley grapples with Khashoggi’s death

One hopes that Khashoggi’s murder will push them to put their money where their mouth is.

29 Oct 2018

Trump’s invisible H-1B wall

Slowly but surely, the administration is tightening the screws on the much coveted H-1B visa for high-skilled immigrants.

08 Oct 2018

Homeless in America’s tech hub

San Francisco Bay Area is home to a large population of young people and families who cannot afford a house in the cities where they work, and may not see the point of laying down roots.

12 Sep 2018