Anil Mulchandani

Comfort with a tasty twist

The growing apetite for healthy food makes an Ahmedabad restaurant serve the bland khichdi with exotic makeovers

16 Aug 2018

The diving patron

At Shivrajpur beach of Dwarka, Nirav Parikh stands giving instructions to a group of people from underprivileged backgrounds on the precautions to take while scuba-diving.

02 Jun 2018

Trio of taste

Three food gurus are exposing the Ahmedabad palate to street food from across the country at their eclectically-themed restaurants.

24 Mar 2018

Quirky is the new cool

Be it menus, interiors or themes, Ahmedabad-based entrepreneurs sure know how to turn the mundane cafes into something that promises an array of adventure 

09 Dec 2017

Blazing the conservation trail

An architect tries to preserve Ahmedabad’s heritage with a university course and its students.

04 Mar 2017