Anil Mulchandani

Quirky is the new cool

Be it menus, interiors or themes, Ahmedabad-based entrepreneurs sure know how to turn the mundane cafes into something that promises an array of adventure 

09 Dec 2017

Flavours from a Sindhi kitchen

Ahmedabad restaurant Hojamalo cooks up commercially less-explored cuisine from Sindh

09 Sep 2017

Rendezvous of the old and new

Built in the early 1900s, the Kasturbhai Lalbhai Museum in Ahmedabad displays his heirlooms, library, furniture along with contemporary art

03 Aug 2017

Renaissance in the Rann

Gujarat’s white desert is drawing tourists who flock to see the salt sparkle in the moonlight, wildlife and the Rann Utsav of Kutch

27 May 2017

Revisiting Gujarat’s Dinosaur edge

As a group of school children and their teachers walk out of a bus to a barren patch of rocky land at Raioli outside Balasinor, a small town about 86 km from Ahmedabad, Aaliya Babi of the Garden Palac

30 Mar 2017

Blazing the conservation trail

An architect tries to preserve Ahmedabad’s heritage with a university course and its students.

04 Mar 2017

A heritage of hospitality

Farzana Kadri runs her 200-year-old ancestral house in Ahmedabad, Divan’s Bungalow.

19 Nov 2016

Pottering around with feats of clay

An Ahmedabad artist has given hope to migrating potters with her clay company

15 Oct 2016