Anshu Vyas Seetharaman

Tone down with the triangle pose

Extended side/lateral triangle pose or Utthita Parsvakon Asan requires a warm-up before commencing as a large number of muscle groups are involved.

16 Nov 2017

Strike a pose for strength and stamina

This is the third variation of Veerbhadrasan.Veerbhadrasan III: This yogasan is an advanced but beautiful balancing pose named after Veerbhadhra— a warrior.  

09 Nov 2017

Suryanamaskar for better flexibility

Suryanamaskar— Sun Salutation is one of the most popularly known and practiced yogic sequences.

26 Oct 2017

A warrior pose to make you strong

Veerbhadra was a warrior. This yogasan is named after him. Veerbhadrasan 1 makes you strong and the stance conveys strength.

12 Oct 2017

Rolls to help with back stiffness

Shoulder rolls are necessary to mobilise and warm-up the shoulders. And when integrated with breathing, they are more effective. Here’s how you do them...

14 Sep 2017

Twists and turns for a strong back

Merudand asan (spinal twist) This is a standing spinal twist.

07 Sep 2017

Torso stretch to release your neck

hey are ideal for stiff neck release and for mobility of the spine.

31 Aug 2017

Stretch for spine mobility

Stand with your feet hip distance apart. Maintain the ankles, pelvis, shoulders and head in one line. Keep your lower body grounded.

24 Aug 2017

Stretch to trim the fat

Ardhkatichakrasan  is a half chakrasan — an easy to do, side-bending pose.  This is the second variation of the pose.

17 Aug 2017

Bend and breathe for good shoulders

Try Ardhkatichakrasan for a good stretch

10 Aug 2017

Twisting earth with your spine

Bhu means earth and naman means to prostrate.

03 Aug 2017

Sit down for this spinal twist

Bhunamanasan improves flexibility of your spine and is good for the lower back

03 Aug 2017

Rid negative energy by doing a Yogi squat

Mala means garland. This is a simpler version of Malasan for beginners. It is also known as the Yogi’s squat.

28 Jul 2017