Anshu Vyas Seetharaman

Plow pose to strengthen the back muscles

Karna means ear and pida means pain. This pose puts pressure on the ears hence the name.

22 minutes ago

Say goodbye to shoulder & back pain

Shashankasan or the rabbit pose has different modifications to suit everyone and is the counter asana to the headstand

06 Apr 2017

A twist to improve blood circulation

Here is a series of spinal twists with different leg postures to keep the spine supple and energised. Do not go for this if you had a spine surgery.

30 Mar 2017

A solution to your gastric troubles

Steps: Take a wide stance and point the right toes to the right and left toes about 30 degrees right. Next stretch the upper body laterally to the right so that your right shoulder glides over your ri

25 Mar 2017

A solution to your gastric troubles

Ardhchandrasan, the half moon pose, is an advanced asana. Do this ONLY if you are flexible and have a strong constitution

23 Mar 2017

Stretch many muscles at once

Give an exaggerated twist to the abdomen and the back. It tones and keeps the back muscles stretching and contracting

11 Mar 2017

A good pose for athletes

This is variation of the pigeon pose we looked at last week. Do this asana and oxygenate your thyroid, parathyroid, adrenals and gonads

09 Feb 2017

Become a fish & improve your breathing

The advanced version of Matsyasan (with legs in Padmasana) is a restorative pose and is a counter pose for the shoulder stand.

05 Jan 2017

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