Anu Kuruvilla

Flexes ride on wings of World Cup frenzy

The football frenzy has taken the urban and rural areas by storm. The huge flexes put up by the fans present a very noticeable proof. 

16 hours ago

Flexes ride on the wings of FIFA World Cup

The National Green Tribunal had banned the use of flexes, but the directive is yet to be implemented in the state.

21 hours ago

Not antique but original! Gramophones are still the favourite for many

Open veranda, long-armed easy chair, a glass of piping hot coffee, the day’s newspaper and soft music coming from a gramophone...they evoke an image that is no longer a part of life today.

21 Jun 2018

Bioplastic is the perfect alternative, think experts

The word plastic, though the uses may be many, has always been a negative one. It has time and again established its devious character.

20 Jun 2018

With Alankaara, beauty is eternal

Amrita Giriraj has been fossilising flowers, plants and leaves to make home decor and jewellery .

19 Jun 2018

One out of four students stumbles on engineering hurdle

When Arun Mathew (name changed) joined engineering, he had big dreams and was all set to let out the ideas screaming aloud in his mind.

17 Jun 2018

Creating green magic

According to Jacob Varghese, an ardent gardener, available space, layout of the land and its location should be considered when setting up a garden

14 Jun 2018

Bringing back home some Hebrew

Raised in Israel and fluent in Hebrew, siblings Revathi and Sachit have returned home to
resume their education at a government school

11 Jun 2018

Frying up a success story

Besides being a saviour to thousands of homemakers and chefs, EGK Foods directly addresses the onion wastage problem in India.

07 Jun 2018

Take crying out of frying

The Mumbai-based startup, EGK Foods (Everyday Gourmet Kitchen) serves crispy freshly fried ready-to-cook onions

07 Jun 2018

Daycares, a gamble parents take

 One of the worst drawbacks of being a nuclear family is that when it comes to looking after children, the parents have to depend on  playschools and daycares or creches. Instead of growing up in the

07 Jun 2018

Frying up a success story

Onions form the base of nearly all recipes, irrespective of the cuisine. And only those who cook know the copious amount of tears that are shed to add flavour to the dish that finally turns into a hot

07 Jun 2018

'A notable achievement in NEET by Kerala students'

While no student from Kerala could make it to the top 50 of the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (UG) - 2018, the state made amends registering the maximum number of eligible aspirants.

06 Jun 2018

Avid cyclists defy rain, pedal for a change

On a rainwashed Sunday morning, avid cyclists pedalled away to predetermined distances all over the state as part of observing the UN World Bicycle Day.

04 Jun 2018

These Kerala students make LED bulbs flicker back to light

Through recycling, discarded electronic items’ valuable components which remain intact can be recovered and put to use in new products.

04 Jun 2018