Anuja Chandramouli

‘Mythology can be a Liberating Journey’

Among the prominent Indian writers on mythology today is Anuja Chandramouli, who has created quite a buzz with her prolific writing. Shortly three of her books will be out in a span of less than a for

18 Nov 2017

Missing the quintessential midnight’s child touch

A dark, deep and at times delightful read that definitely could have been more

02 Nov 2017

Fatal fascination with fame

Not many of us would admit it, but the truth is that we are ridiculously obsessed with celebs.

08 Oct 2017

Jimmiki Kammals and Kangana Ranaut's story

Move over Kolaveri di, Jimmiki Kammal has arrived and how! This trippy, peppy Malayalam number, composed by Shaan Rahman, appears in Mohanlal’s Velipadinte Pusthakam, and when a bevy of belles grooved

18 Sep 2017

Half-baked love story of the 50’s

A romance set in the vibrant era before explosion of rock and roll.

26 Aug 2017

This crime too is for the same reason: she had it coming!

In the aftermath of the Haryana stalking case, where Varnika Kundu was shamefully harassed by the state BJP chief’s son Vikas Barala and his crony Ashish Kumar, one feels assailed by a sinking senses.

12 Aug 2017

From Rakshaks to Rakshasas: when mythology is misunderstood and misused

The present mythology boom is not the worst thing to have happened to Indian publishing since an IIT/IIM graduate gave up a career in banking to take up writing.

15 Jul 2017

Will the real Indians please stand up?

Let’s get this over and done with. India is no more a Hindu nation than it is a Hindi-speaking one.

02 Jul 2017

A charming collection of brilliance

Stories straggle the realms of sci-fi and fantasy, dipping into the sea of mythology.

04 Mar 2017

A twisted tale of revenge

An ordinary man becomes an integral part of something magical and life-affirming

11 Feb 2017

Dealing with the deluge of books

Book lovers are haunted by the fact that there are too many books and too little time to read them all.

14 Jan 2017

Feminism’s firebrand flag-bearer

The book brings to light the many achievements of Sarala Devi who was a voracious reader 
and a prolific writer of 30 books and 300 essays despite the lack of formal education

12 Nov 2016

Turkish tragic tale of life behind bars

The novel narrates the grit of four jail inmates through a series of chilling torments

29 Oct 2016