Anuja Chandramouli

The horror show begins

What to do? You sigh in resignation, dig your nails into your palms, crawl homeward and scream into a pillow.

06 Apr 2019

Feminism: A crony of capitalism

Author Anuja Chandramouli feels that feminism should be freed from the chains of consumerism.

17 Mar 2019

Is vegetarianism a virtue?

I am not advocating indiscriminate consumption but it is easier to make healthier choices when one is not pressured or forced into it.

24 Feb 2019

A Past that Chills to the Core

The great majority of the public were uncaring too, not bothering to lift a finger to help fellow Indians.

07 Feb 2019

Over-sensitivity is a pain

That said, I apologise to irritating talk show hosts, callous cricketers, liberals, Hindutva types, dogs and Facebook in case I was being excessively insensitive. 

02 Feb 2019

A tribute to forgotten heroes

The book focuses not only on the nitty-gritty of an Indian soldier’s personal reality and the cultural as well as practical factors which motivated him to pick up arms.

12 Jan 2019

This Pongal, Let’s get it right

The problem is we are making resolutions to do things we have been taught to think we ought to be doing instead of the things we really want to do.

12 Jan 2019

Have Selfies Made us Sad?

In extreme cases, people risk or actually lose their lives while trying to click that perfect selfie which just might go viral and give them their five seconds.

13 Dec 2018

An exhausting but engaging uphill trek

Pulitzer Prize-shortlisted Deborah Baker’s The Last Englishmen: Love, War and the End of Empire is a sprawling biographical saga that is a post-mortem of the last days of the British Empire in India.

08 Dec 2018

Being pelted with poop

If you are inclined to laugh, scoff or return to your fuzzy YouTube video of candid moments from the #DeepVeer wedding, I urge you to give me a chance to explain.

01 Dec 2018

Feast of the feminine

Anita Nair is a remarkable writer and a compelling storyteller.

18 Nov 2018

Khadija Mastur’s The Women’s Courtyard: A bonafide feminist classic

I’ll go right ahead and write this down: Khadija Mastur’s The Women’s Courtyard is one of the most satisfying novels I have ever read.

11 Nov 2018

Horror for the head and heart

A searing look into the bare bones of a dysfunctional marriage, played out against the backdrop of encroaching madness, Kiran Manral’s Missing, Presumed Dead makes for a troubling read.

21 Oct 2018

The battle has just begun

Forget Vicky Kaushal, everybody seems to be crushing on the Supreme Court nowadays thanks to landmark judgements which will no doubt have a major impact on the great Indian future.

04 Oct 2018

Messy History of Desire

Infinite Variety: A History of Desire in India by Madhavi Menon is what it says it is and so much more.

20 Sep 2018