Anusha Ganapathi

Troll games disrupting calm waters

A half-good game is like an Opera.

15 Sep 2018

General fake outrage over recent games

And then you walk out to the next store, never to realise that the anomalous garlic were just white onions.

12 Sep 2018

General fake outrage over recent games

This is the simplest explanation of ‘outrage over fake outrage’ — which really makes gaming review videos sell.

08 Sep 2018

Serious discussion on serious games

Imagine yourself playing a game with extreme concentration. Sometimes, concentration is not just when your hand is constantly on the controls.

01 Sep 2018

Too much history?

Sometimes I wonder why a lot of the games lately have taken to prequels, or a more historical format. Have all ideas for a possible dystopian future already been covered? Is the present not sufficient

25 Aug 2018

PUBG Lite, Fornite Android, and more I knew would happen

The last two Tomb Raider games have come close to fulfilling the goals of the renegade female explorer, and the Shadow of Tomb Raider has come closest yet.

18 Aug 2018

Let’s talk about the end of Battle Royale games

The origin of Battle Royale can be traced as far back as co-operative gaming. The gaming clans that stemmed from those multiplayer games had a common purpose of enemy destruction, which felt

11 Aug 2018

Life is Strange game: Troubled teens and time reversal

Max is a troubled teenager, and she has a magical power (time reversal) to compensate for her sad high-school life.

04 Aug 2018

Around the world in games

Sometimes in Pokemon, there are battles which you have to win in order to get a flute to move that sleeping Snorlax out of that one path that will get me to a cooler city. I

28 Jul 2018

The unexpected video games

The video game universe consists of ever-changing galaxies, the webs of games are interlinked through a virtual medium.

21 Jul 2018

Lamplight City is Dark but lit

It has become a weekly ritual to praise PUBG in the column, but today is a little different. I understood that PUBG isn’t sufficiently intellectually challenging when I got three winn

14 Jul 2018

Guess, Who is the real Winner here?

Cuisine Royale is one of those jokes for which you’re certain you wouldn’t laugh at because it’s so bad, but when you do hear it, you laugh so much your ribcage hurts (‘#LOLribs’ make it a thing).

07 Jul 2018

Ni No Kuni: JRPGs are more than just cute

Anime is cool because most of the good ones don’t underestimate the intelligence of the viewers. A JRPG (Japanese RPG), is no different.

30 Jun 2018

The Games you’ll end up playing

Sometimes this column is like a lazy fan-merchandise seller.

23 Jun 2018

Something for everyone at the Electronic Entertainment Expo

Akin to the surety of success of the next Marvel movie, is also the popularity of the Electronic Entertainment Expo amongst gamers — which every year showcases the release of the next generation of

16 Jun 2018