Anusha Ganapathi

Play Apex Legends

It was Year One post the anchorage of Battle Royale into the lives of gamers. The dust had settled. The waves had subsided.

6 hours ago

More In-Game Girls

My second favourite female protagonist from recent times has been the young Madeline from ‘Celeste’ — for her never-give-up attitude.

09 Feb 2019

Witcher 3 and the RPG universe

Transformed into an RPG, the entire universe of the game could provide you with more hours of fun that three TV shows put together.

02 Feb 2019

A futuristic version of Pokemon!

I waited a few months for this beautiful game called Monster Hunter to go on sale so I could afford to treat myself with the experience.

26 Jan 2019

Silent Assassins and Alternate Pathways

My gateway into really well-made videogames started with repeated viewing of the bald head with a tattooed barcode of Agent 47.

19 Jan 2019

Top 3 under 200!

2018 was not a good year for my phone’s internal memory.

12 Jan 2019

Anticipated Games this year be Poppin’

Last week’s list of the anticipated underdog games might not have been ‘overwhelming’ enough to make us foretell the year ahead.

05 Jan 2019

Lesser battle royale, please!

I have taken a personal resolve to play a little less of PUBG the coming year, and start with making a list of new games to play — a list with lesser Battle Royale and more imaginative fun.

29 Dec 2018

Is there a Control Combination for Jolly?

The regular year-end reflection on videogame can wait till next week, along with the guilt and regret of things left incomplete in the past year.

22 Dec 2018

No ‘Go’ for me, thanks

 Think about all the videogames in the world — the assortment of them.

15 Dec 2018

Forced Fun with some more Videogames

The end of the year marks the time for some reflection and then some guilt that you’ve still not achieved most of the goals you set for yourself this year.

08 Dec 2018

Taking your Favourite Games Online

The game had limited actual human interaction, and more conversation with Artificial Intelligence.

01 Dec 2018

The Legacy of Half-Life

The life cycle of a great game goes somewhat like this.

25 Nov 2018

The legacy of half-life

 The life cycle of a great game goes somewhat like this.

24 Nov 2018

A rainbow of gamplay options

R6 Siege is a tactical shooter — like an elitist version of PUBG.

10 Nov 2018