Anusha Ganapathi

A rainbow of gamplay options

R6 Siege is a tactical shooter — like an elitist version of PUBG.

10 Nov 2018

Red Dead Redemption 2 and the Spirit of Halloween

The atmosphere of Halloween stands for spook.

03 Nov 2018

What is New?

There’s been a recent increase in the Walking Simulator games available on VR modules.

27 Oct 2018

Gladiators or Pyramids?

Assassins Creed Odyssey is finally out — it’s the new Assassins Creed game that features the period of war between Athens and Sparta.

20 Oct 2018

The Hype is here!

It has the biggest map in a game we’ve ever seen from Rockstar thus far and greater amounts of realism and complexity in the open-world environment than ever before.

13 Oct 2018

Some great news

Then I read a few things this week that made me really happy — therefore realising that the news can bring you happiness.

06 Oct 2018

Bring them Back, Don’t Take them Back

Consider Uncharted — a series which only ever released for the PS3 and PS4.

29 Sep 2018

Good Games need more spin-offs

Like a good TV show or a book, you know a story-based game (games very unlike PUBG) you play is exceptional when it’s not just the A-story that you care about anymore.

22 Sep 2018

Troll games disrupting calm waters

A half-good game is like an Opera.

15 Sep 2018

General fake outrage over recent games

And then you walk out to the next store, never to realise that the anomalous garlic were just white onions.

12 Sep 2018

General fake outrage over recent games

This is the simplest explanation of ‘outrage over fake outrage’ — which really makes gaming review videos sell.

08 Sep 2018

Serious discussion on serious games

Imagine yourself playing a game with extreme concentration. Sometimes, concentration is not just when your hand is constantly on the controls.

01 Sep 2018

Too much history?

Sometimes I wonder why a lot of the games lately have taken to prequels, or a more historical format. Have all ideas for a possible dystopian future already been covered? Is the present not sufficient

25 Aug 2018

PUBG Lite, Fornite Android, and more I knew would happen

The last two Tomb Raider games have come close to fulfilling the goals of the renegade female explorer, and the Shadow of Tomb Raider has come closest yet.

18 Aug 2018

Let’s talk about the end of Battle Royale games

The origin of Battle Royale can be traced as far back as co-operative gaming. The gaming clans that stemmed from those multiplayer games had a common purpose of enemy destruction, which felt

11 Aug 2018