Archanaa Seker

Dependency and crying is for all

This another friend is one that is as ‘independent’ and ‘strong’ as they get, a person moving mountains each day through the work she is doing.

14 Nov 2018

Many Deepavalis, Ramayanas and stories of Sita

Another Deepavali has gone by slightly wet and for some, dampened further by the regulation on the ‘vedis’.

07 Nov 2018

Now, I want a man who moves on

If you have a couple of hours of indulgence due and want to feel warm and fuzzy, I recommend you watch the Trisha Krishnan-Vijay Sethupathi starrer 96.

30 Oct 2018

Learning to run without a reason

It must’ve been an early evening in March five years ago when a group of us sat down to discuss what we were going to do for the upcoming Women’s day.

23 Oct 2018

Living in a world of dismissals

You may ask as you begin reading this, why I speak about #metoo and sexual harassment yet again.

16 Oct 2018

Decoding the #metoo movement

Another wave of the #metoo movement has arrived in India, almost a year after Raya Sarkar’s infamous list.

10 Oct 2018

The joke is on us when we don’t take sexual harassment seriously

This response from a male actor, popular star, powerful producer and aspiring politician is hardly surprising.

03 Oct 2018

We shouldn’t call Yamaraja, but we should be able to ask for Amman

In the seven days I’ve spent in London, I must have been to twice as many pubs if not more and saw in most of their ladies washrooms a poster that I had only heard of till now.

25 Sep 2018

Some Bajjis for thought

By 4 pm we had a cutter, mixer, frier and eater — all women doing their jobs earnestly, mine the easiest.

11 Sep 2018

Historic start to herculean tasks after gay sex becomes legal

The verdict could give rise to a number of legal reforms that have not been discussed in it like marriage and divorce, adoption and guardianship, bank loans and inheritance.

08 Sep 2018

The ‘modern’ as ill-defined by syllabus and cinema

There exists a book titled Current School Essays and Letters by Purabi Chakraborty.

05 Sep 2018

In cohabitation with nature

The author talks about overlapping the norms of environment, gender, and class within society

31 Jul 2018

‘You are unlike other girls’ is no more a compliment

Iwas at a function recently where an aunt left me with a two year old and the words, “Don’t worry, she’s not like other babies.”

25 Jul 2018

Enough said, now let’s do something

Since it broke, the news of the 11-year-old child with a hearing disability who was sexually abused by twenty men at her apartment complex in Chennai over the past few months has taken the city by sto

19 Jul 2018

Nothing has changed for vamps in Tamil films

For a person who prides herself on growing up watching KTV, not HBO or Star Movies, I must admit that I know very little of Tamil cinema from the black and white era.

10 Jul 2018