Archanaa Seker

Some Bajjis for thought

By 4 pm we had a cutter, mixer, frier and eater — all women doing their jobs earnestly, mine the easiest.

11 Sep 2018

Historic start to herculean tasks after gay sex becomes legal

The verdict could give rise to a number of legal reforms that have not been discussed in it like marriage and divorce, adoption and guardianship, bank loans and inheritance.

08 Sep 2018

The ‘modern’ as ill-defined by syllabus and cinema

There exists a book titled Current School Essays and Letters by Purabi Chakraborty.

05 Sep 2018

In cohabitation with nature

The author talks about overlapping the norms of environment, gender, and class within society

31 Jul 2018

‘You are unlike other girls’ is no more a compliment

Iwas at a function recently where an aunt left me with a two year old and the words, “Don’t worry, she’s not like other babies.”

25 Jul 2018

Enough said, now let’s do something

Since it broke, the news of the 11-year-old child with a hearing disability who was sexually abused by twenty men at her apartment complex in Chennai over the past few months has taken the city by sto

19 Jul 2018

Nothing has changed for vamps in Tamil films

For a person who prides herself on growing up watching KTV, not HBO or Star Movies, I must admit that I know very little of Tamil cinema from the black and white era.

10 Jul 2018

Being under the limelight is not always fun

My college friend appears regularly on TV and hosts a couple of popular reality shows.

19 Jun 2018

Is Kaala a feminist, too ?

I  start with two premises: 1. That you’re aware of the Rajinikanth film which released a few days ago. 2.

12 Jun 2018

Household chores, waging wars and the mental load

A friend and her partner were on their way back home from a late evening movie.

05 Jun 2018

When it comes to fitness, talk about everything and everyone

The Union Sports Ministry’s #humfittoindiafit campaign brought to my mind city stand-up comic Balakumaran’s piece on Central government PSAs poorly dubbed in regional languages as an afterthought, to

29 May 2018

What more will it take to change the game in the Indian film industry?

The #Metoo movement is an international campaign against sexual harassment and assault that became popular in October last year after revelations of sexual misconduct allegations against Harvey Weinst

23 May 2018

There are many reasons to celebrate ‘Nadigaiyar Thilagam’

I had been waiting to watch and write about a film ever since the Tamil Film Producer’s Council’s 48-day futile strike ended.

17 May 2018

Will ‘namma’ Chennai step up its solidarity?

Two years ago a German national alleged that she was drugged at a bar in the city.

08 May 2018

Ministry of body shaming

The Union Ministry of Health can be credited now with having one of the shortest-lived tweets in the history of twitter.

01 May 2018