Arunkumar Sekhar

Brightburn movie review: A gory, superficial twist to the traditional Superman story

Amongst the great pantheon of DC’s superheroes, I have always felt that Superman never was given his due by the modern comic book fandom.

25 May 2019

Game of Thrones Episode 5 review: Machiavelli comes calling

As the end credits rolled on the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones, I was reminded of Johnny Cash’s The Man Comes Around.

14 May 2019

‘Directors want me to play the mother of a 35-year-old hero’

... says Sonia Agarwal, who has had back-to-back releases in Thanimai and Ayogya, shares her frustration at the Tamil film industry and talks about how she tackles all the negativity

14 May 2019

In memory of a brother

Gollapudi Subbarao takes us through the evolution of the prestigious Gollapudi Srinivas Award — its origins, the selection process, notable winners and its future

09 May 2019

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 Review:  A Shakespearean tease as the Final Battle nears

Author George RR Martin is a student of history.

07 May 2019

A Dog’s Way Home review: A feel-good travelogue of a dog

Writer W Bruce Cameron writes a story that will definitely make you reach for your tissues.

04 May 2019

Game of Thrones S8 E3: Cathartic final stretch caps off this all-action episode

Into its last stretch, viewers did expect some surprises from Game of Thrones, but I can bet your bottom dollar that the resolutions of Episode 3 are quite unexpected.

30 Apr 2019

‘Memes keep you in people’s memory’

...says Manjima Mohan, who is getting a release with Devarattam,  after a year and half

29 Apr 2019

BookMyShow sells one million 'Avengers: End Game' tickets in just one day

BookMyShow’s spokesperson said there are nearly 2000+ shows over the weekend across 60 theatres throughout Tamil Nadu as of now, and all of these are sold out on the first day.

25 Apr 2019

'The Curse of the Weeping Woman' film review: A weak addition to the Conjuring franchise

A story with a unique native setup, The Curse of The Weeping Woman, unfortunately, doesn’t stick to its roots.

23 Apr 2019

'Game of Thrones' Episode 2 review: Foreshadowing galore as emotions run high

The second episode continued answering more questions and raising even more this late in to the show's life.

22 Apr 2019

'Game of Thrones': Proven theories and unexpected turns populate this season opener

The episode largely helped in establishing each of the big characters (and it is a huge character list), a quick recap of their journey, their dynamics with each other and their current motivations

17 Apr 2019

'Shazam' review: This Zachary Levi-starrer is a magical addition to the DC oeuvre

One of the biggest drawbacks of the DC Extended Universe, at least as long as Zack Snyder was involved, was its dark, brooding tone.

06 Apr 2019

Baahubali producers to adapt Manu S Pillai’s award-winning novel to screen

Shobu Yarlagadda, one of the founders of Arka Mediaworks, announced that their production house will bring the novel to screen soon. “It’s the retelling of a very fascinating period in Indian history.

20 Mar 2019

'Wonder Park' movie review: Magical realism that largely works

Like classic Disney films, this one has a darkness associated with the person June cares most about — her mother, voiced by Jennifer Garner.

16 Mar 2019