Asha Menon

No drinking water for village, panchayat cites poll code for inaction

Parvathy, who sits splitting cane at the road that leads into one half of Markal village, must be in her early forties.

09 May 2018

Karnataka polls 2018: A tale of Afzalpur village's many 'unusable' toilets

Dik Sangha B, a village in Afzalpur, which considers itself comfortably off, has many toilets installed but only a few that can be used.

01 May 2018

Every drop of water is precious in this Chittapur taluk village

In Dandoti, people live in architectural marvels and by a river, but are in need of potable water.

29 Apr 2018

Karnataka polls: Party-hopping matters little in Aland

Voters in Aland have little patience for party politics and are forced to depend on goodwill of individual leaders.

28 Apr 2018

Margaritas can be fun, or can be  annoyingly shrill

How much do you love bacon? At Chili’s, they have introduced a range of quirky Margaritas and one of them is Bacon Tequila.

10 Feb 2018

Drug addicts in Bengaluru take packaged ‘trips’ to rave parties

Druggies in city take packaged tours to rave parties in Hampi and Gokarna. Bengaluru is also a destination for such tours from other southern states.

31 Aug 2017

City traffic can leave you anxious & phobic

Traffic Stress Syndrome is triggered by chaotic traffic. Working professionals are most vulnerable to this condition.

17 Jul 2017

Drink and be merry, don’t skip desserts

In this cosy restaurant, the cocktails are good and the food has redeeming moments

15 Jul 2017

What causes our blindness to art?

Internationally acclaimed artist and co-founder of Kochi Muziris Biennale says why public art needs a curator.

10 Jul 2017

Masons offer hand, not handshake, in friendship

Masonry in Bengaluru dates back to more than 100 years, and now the Brothers are opening up to the general public They are still tightlipped about their secret rituals, like the much-talked-

05 Jul 2017

Will the raging goddess save a village from time?

Karimayi is set in Shivapura, where a myth rules lives

14 Jun 2017

23 butterfly species added to city’s count

Twenty-three species of butterflies have been spotted for the first time in the city, by the Bengaluru Butterfly Club or BBC

13 Jun 2017

Link Express: The drought train to Karnataka's Raichur

Every morning, thousands of drought commuters get on the train to the nearest boom town to work for marginal wages while the rain gods sort out their sulk

09 Jun 2017

Is Bengaluru flabby?

A group of scientists is looking at Bengaluru as a living entity, if its metabolism is top notch. The study shows poor ecological health.

05 Jun 2017

Jester comes to town with a happiness project

Papa CJ, when he was called a different name and was a management consultant with a firm in  London, saw a stand-up act.

24 May 2017