Avay Shukla

Watchdog should bite more often

The entire electoral process has been distorted to suit the BJP. But the Election Commission is not taking stern action

18 Apr 2019

Environmental governance should be a poll issue

Every single state of the environment report these days is unambiguous about one thing — the biggest catastrophe facing India is climate change and global warming.

26 Mar 2019

Turning into a federation of silos?

When the states and the Centre are in a constant state of antagonism, it does not portend well for the idea of one India.

28 Feb 2019

A difficult time for Caesar’s wives

We should move to an US-style system where the government nominates SC judges and top officials, but the Senate has to approve them.

30 Jan 2019

On the new demographic dilemma

The global total fertility rate (TFR) is around 2.4, less than half of what it was in the 1960s.

08 Jan 2019

Insurers give short shrift to Disabled

Article 25 of the UN Convention on the rights of the disabled prohibits discrimination in matters of health and life insurance. 

11 Dec 2018

Our right to  know is not  negotiable

These last few weeks have had a bizarre quality to them, almost a Kafkaesque experience, with doses of Lewis Carroll, Ian Fleming, John Le Carre and George Orwell thrown in.

28 Nov 2018

Courts should interpret law, not morality 

A legal fiction is a term coined by sociologists to describe widely held beliefs that may not be capable of being proved; they may even run contrary to natural principles of the universe and nature.

13 Nov 2018

Judiciary fighting a lonely battle

The pillaging of the Western Ghats (and its consequences in Kerala) is just the latest example.

20 Oct 2018

The pushback against mass tourism

As the numbers become unsustainable its negative fallout can be seen: the adverse cultural, ecological and infrastructural impacts on places and communities.

18 Sep 2018

Last bastion of constitutional order under siege

Nation states are created by individuals but endure on the strength and integrity of their institutions. This is particularly true of democracies, which take generations to set down roots.

28 Apr 2018

Why do we kill our daughters?

The Economic Survey 2018 says there are 21 million ‘unwanted’ girl children in India. The name of the game is to have a male child

08 Feb 2018

Bringing back Mallya not easy

It is difficult for any civilised society to extradite a man to a country with a dysfunctional judicial system and a compromised police

20 Dec 2017

Allow us to die with dignity

If the law lets me tell a doctor to cut me open, it should also let me tell a doctor not to touch me and allow me to die in peace

06 Dec 2017

Oscar Wilde and India’s godmen

As the British author put it, we dislike people for having faults we do not have, but we hate them for having the same faults which we have

20 Sep 2017