Avay Shukla

Privatising the IAS is a mistake

Does the civil service need experts from outside? No, an IAS officer is an expert in the most difficult of all domains—public administration

14 Oct 2017

The rules of the babu game

An IAS officer is at his best when drafting rules—if they are incomprehensible, he is happy, and if they are unimplementable, he is overjoyed 

03 Oct 2017

Oscar Wilde and India’s godmen

As the British author put it, we dislike people for having faults we do not have, but we hate them for having the same faults which we have

20 Sep 2017

Building apartments in the air

The new Bankruptcy Code against real estate companies is playing havoc with the interests of middle-class homebuyers

05 Sep 2017

A warning  that went unheeded

The Paris accord’s almost exclusive focus on CO2 emissions was misplaced; we have to change our lifestyles too

21 Aug 2017

Tanks belong at Doklam, not JNU

Perhaps we can soon expect tanks outside Parliament and the apex court too—just to inspire more patriotic feelings, of course!

07 Aug 2017

Karnataka raises the red flag

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s call for a state flag is the latest manifestation of the splintering national identity

26 Jul 2017

Can we afford free money for all?

To implement UBI, the government will have to cut many subsidies. How do we ensure that there is no DeMo repeat?

15 Jul 2017

Uprooting trees to dig our own grave

Environmental degradation in India is getting worse under a government which is dismantling green regulations

24 May 2017

Clueless BBC locks horns with rhinos

 Once in a while, the state does a good job, as in Kaziranga. So when a bleeding heart attempts to trash it, he must be called out

03 May 2017

Don’t write off Kejriwal just yet

The AAP has suffered a debacle in the recent Assembly polls. What should the party do to bounce back in 2019?

03 Apr 2017

What will Modi do after massive win?

The prime minister should now focus on creating jobs and removing deadwood from the bureaucracy

12 Mar 2017

Why the aam aadmi is with Kejri

The AAP can be better understood if seen as part of the populist wave that has captured the US and is now sweeping across Europe.

10 Mar 2017

Judiciary has right aim, but wrong target

The SC order was a non-starter in a country where parties are founded on caste, regional and religious identities

27 Feb 2017

The joke over political funding

Reduction in the cash donation cap to political parties and introduction of electoral bonds are just smokescreens

07 Feb 2017