Awanthi Vardaraj

A woman’s limitless desire ‘more erotic than Kamasutra’

A pleasant kind of heavy and other erotic stories by Aranyani (pseudonym) is one of the most modern erotic offerings to emerge from the subcontinent.

12 May 2017

The pleasure of reading Fanny’s sexual adventures

Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure or Fanny Hill has already been mentioned once before in this column.

05 May 2017

When books bring about fifty shades of sexual revolution

When Fifty Shades of Grey came out in 2011 it seemed to do what a lot of erotica prior had been unable to; it swept erotica as a genre out from under the carpets and from behind furniture and dragged

28 Apr 2017

Poems for the romantic in you

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe is best known for his two-part drama Faust, which is widely regarded as one of the greatest works of literature the world has ever seen.

21 Apr 2017

Venus’ exploits, sans vulgarity

It is rare when I put down a book of erotica and feel a sense of literary satisfaction, but that is what happened when I finished Anais Nin’s Delta of Venus last week.

14 Apr 2017

Communal eroticism of Emmanuelle

It is almost impossible to choose which authors to profile in this column because there are so many, and they are all prolific writers with deeply impressive portfolios.

07 Apr 2017

Often overlooked & underrated limerick

I want to dedicate this column to a form of poetry that is often overlooked: the limerick.

17 Mar 2017