Ayesha Singh

A milestone of memory in limited edition objects

By blurring lines of shape and form, he has synergised the design field, creating a vocabulary of homogeneous craft practice.

22 hours ago

Weaving Punjab into creative life

None of the displays needs any caption. Their visual character is replete with deep meaning, etched with stories that have faded to oblivion.

18 Jan 2019

Khadi: The upper echelon of fashion

From being weaved into India’s social, and now fashion fabric, Gandhi’s khadi has metamorphosed itself into a new-age material exploding the fashion landscape with its simplicity and versatility.

15 Jan 2019

Indian culture in a simmering cup of warm winter goodness

A lot can happen over a cup of coffee. Na that’s not true. In India, more can happen over a cup of steaming chai.

13 Jan 2019

Music has driven him to ecstasy

Every bit of apprehension had to be shed off. Every ounce of shyness had to be cast off.

12 Jan 2019

Paintings bring politics and people closer

Through the works, manifests the beauty of nature, historical sceneries, architectural marvels, the serenity of monasteries, among Russian spiritual symbolism.

01 Jan 2019

New Year's Eve party in Delhi: Warm hearts, high spirits

The hotel lines up culinary feasts that call voracious gourmands to revel in a gastronomic spread that churns up a flavourful storm.

31 Dec 2018

Untangling the web of modern-day human relationships

You could call it a cynic’s perspective or a realists interpretation.

29 Dec 2018

When Art questions the DNA of democracy 

Whether 53-year-old Chakraborty is unforgiving sync or a sharp realist, his introspective journey has revealed many truths.

28 Dec 2018

From complexities are born the realities of modern life

The only time he sits with his feet up is when his story manages to create ripples of reverberating impact, the sounds of which must be heard far and wide and deep down inside.

28 Dec 2018

Breaking barriers of ignorance with art, tech and emotional intelligence

Her voice is brave, her resolve is braver. Entrepreneur Shikha Mittal, 35-year-old, peers into our eyes with her razor-sharp gaze that means business.

24 Dec 2018

Standing tall to ring in a green Christmas

The most recent manifestation of their efforts is a 40-feet handcrafted Christmas tree at 32nd Milestone in Gurgaon, using 200 kgs of upcycled fabric scrap.

24 Dec 2018

Eating Out: Towering high with its culinary wealth, hospitality

The power to exercise it comes with great responsibility. And when duty is bound by a high sense of morality, what’s born is greatness.

23 Dec 2018

Reshma Qureshi uses the might of the pen to raise her voice

The acid-attack survivor who has turned, vlogger, model and an anti-acid activist launches her book recounting her story.

23 Dec 2018