Ayesha Singh

Turning the pages of a new literary endeavour

She was born in the lap of fame; yet, being at the centre of attention makes her uncomfortable.

23 Sep 2018

Tapping her feet to the beats of inspired living

Even as a statistician, the city is full of possibilities, she says. We hope things keep looking sunny for her.

23 Sep 2018

Toeing the line of conscientious artistry 

The best in anything emerges within an environment of sovereignty.

23 Sep 2018

Period fashion prods style re-innovation

In the elusive meaning of their surname, lies the mystery of not just their identity but also their eponymous clothing brand.

23 Sep 2018

Homegrown Gets Star Rating  

Experience is not always about visiting a place never seen before or relishing a new dish on the menu, it also means getting to know a country’s indigenous art, culture and luxury.

22 Sep 2018

Age No Bar

The new line comes at a time when shoppers are ready for a liberal shift.

20 Sep 2018

An emotional artistic undertaking

Sahaya Sharma’s canvas manifests many of her quotidian reveries. 

16 Sep 2018

Out of the book, onto stage

It’s not so much his words that speak.

16 Sep 2018

Salvaging the soul by daring to dream

Father-son duo Ravi Nirmal Sharma and Kartik Sharma dared to dream and their book tells the tale

13 Sep 2018

Capturing the pulse of India’s most troubled time

The complexity of the Indian freedom struggle left many questions unanswered. It was a difficult period with no linear course of action or combative measures for the prevention of disharmony.

02 Sep 2018

Unearthing layers of intimate earth dynamics 

They were once alive before they turned into fossils. That alone makes them an ancient repository of geological systems that are important insights for modern scientific explorations.

02 Sep 2018

Gourmet bandwagon cooks up a storm

The Trial Box online delivery portal serves up haute cuisine at competitive prices

26 Aug 2018

Crooning down a classical saga   

An old school set, with melodies of Sinatra to Elvis, has been planned for the night. Singers Tom Jones and Bob Dylan will also be stitched into the musical thread. 

26 Aug 2018

Ancient cuisine from contemporary culina

Minimalist, slow-cooked and fresh, the food at Sevilla’s Roman Food Festival owes a sense of belonging to its ancient traditions.

19 Aug 2018

Royal remembrance

About the show Through a close visual anthropological study, the exhibit recreates complexities of Nepal’s former PM, Dev Shumsher Rana’s time. 

19 Aug 2018