Ayesha Singh

Touch wood, it’s all good!

From oak to Beech, ash to maple, wood knocks on the door with a fervour.

21 hours ago

The fading glory of Pashmina

With the current interest of international stakeholders in it, Pashmina has delayed its decay.

22 hours ago

Fendi pops with a trendy fashion forecast

This high end ready to wear brand has been able to cut across all generations with its uber cool logogramed bags, footwear, t-shirts, pumps, hats and more.

20 Nov 2018

Naureen Mehra paces towards her debut as a Kuchipudi dancer

As a class XI student at The Shri Ram School, she has a long way to go before she stops, but with every move forward, she strengthens her strides.

20 Nov 2018

New swathces surface with mattes

Each stick contains 4.2 g of lipstick enriched with Vitamin E.

19 Nov 2018

Stimulate a stylish counterculture

In a bid to be free and inspirational, the Bohemian style of dressing emerged as a strong influence in the 1960s and with updated versions in the 1970s.

19 Nov 2018

Shoes as canvas for kitschy wearable art

The brand’s style and designs are fun and kitschy. Now you can wear sneakers at a wedding and make a statement worth chronicling. 

19 Nov 2018

Austrian culinary heirlooms spin the nouvelle wheel

The Tyrolean Blattln Mit Kraut was a variation of the Indian samosa, only this rendition comes as little bite-sized hors d oeuvre with cabbage as the main ingredient.

18 Nov 2018

Crusader of stressed landscapes uses words as a tool for intervention 

Seeding back life into the lifeless is environmentalist Pradip Krishen’s purpose.

11 Nov 2018

Finding meaning in an ancient epoch 

It has been expanded, interpreted and adapted in various ways but with one intention—to preserve human values and virtues.

11 Nov 2018

Contourer of couture: Fashion designer Gaurav Gupta launches a couture flagship store

We’ve seen his activism against UK going to war with Iraq. We’ve witnessed his angst regarding pollution. We’ve also heard him actively campaigning for women’s rights.

11 Nov 2018

Chronicler of primitive instincts

Also, with tourism sinking its venomous fangs into their century’s old habitation, the traditional life is endangered.

04 Nov 2018

Thai high on gourmet ground 

I have always trusted a local hand over one that’s been trained to be local-like.

28 Oct 2018

Symphony of travelling sounds

For many, failing is never an option. For musician Ronnie Odyuo, failure is an option. Not that she invites it herself.

28 Oct 2018

Threading together tradition

High up in the mountains, where there was not a sound to be heard or a soul to be seen, Sunita Bali found her purpose. She was sure her quest to find meaning to life was finally over.

28 Oct 2018