Brahmacharini Sharanya Chaitanya

Rama breaks the divine bow to marry Sita

King Janaka completed his morning prayers and sent word to meet with Sage Vishwamitra, and Sri Rama and Lakshmana.

18 May 2019

The vastness of self

That consciousness is avyayam or something that can never get expended.

18 May 2019

All forms emerge from the same elements

All Puranas  and stories sing the praise of god in the form that is close to them.

13 Apr 2019

Self-realisation is true knowledge

In the Atma Bodha, Sri Adi Sankaracharya sings about the glories of self-realisation. He says if one has gained realisation of the knowledge of the self, there is nothing more to be achieved.

13 Apr 2019

Oneness is what matters

We are basically identified with three things called upadhis which are apparent limitations of our consciousness.

07 Apr 2019

How the body came into being

In one of the theories of creation, Srimad Bhagavatam described how life manifested.

07 Apr 2019

The fearsome garuda

Indra sought refuge at the feet of Kashyapa, and the Brahmana was overtaken by compassion.

29 Mar 2019

Moving about like air

Sri Adi Sankaracharya in the Atma Bodha lives within the conditioning of all his material limitations called the upadhis. An upadhi is a limiting adjunct.

29 Mar 2019

Let Go of What is Around You

The Atma Bodha takes us step by step into the ocean of bliss, which is the self.

23 Mar 2019

Unite the Mind with Peace

The Atma Bodha praises the man of realisation.

13 Mar 2019

The Qualities of a Free Human

The difference between bliss and joy is that joy comes and goes alternating with sorrowful and painful experiences.

09 Mar 2019

The self is everything

Many methods are used as teaching aid to make us arrive at this understanding and one of the main methods is the brilliant use of similes.

02 Mar 2019

The Supreme Truth

The Atma Bodha reiterates that the infinite Brahman is like a living entity in all of us with a specific time of birth and death.

10 Feb 2019

Garuda, the mighty

Garuda was concernedabout this and moved higher and deeper into the forest where the trees were more mighty and sturdy so that they would not be disturbed by his movement.

02 Feb 2019

The self is always within us

The birth defect that all human beings have is called avidya.

02 Feb 2019