By Dr Raman Kapur

Shoulder periarthritis: Bring Back Movement into Frozen Muscle with Needles

The author applied Tung’s special acupuncture on traditional acupoints to treat shoulder periarthritis, and got a remarkable result.

07 Jul 2018

Sleep apnea lowers your energy levels, performance

After periods of loud snoring, you have episodes of gasping, choking, and upon waking up; you feel short of breath and need to breathe deeply for a while.

12 May 2018

What is Unexplained Extreme Tiredness?

Chronic fatigue, defined as persistent fatigue for a duration of over six months, may be reported by up to 30 per cent of the population.

14 Apr 2018

Influence of Acupuncture on Senile Dementia Treatment

Identifying clues to its prevention and treatment is an urgent challenge

20 Jan 2018

Acupuncture, Moxibustion Best for Breathing Disorder

Studies say needle treatment relieves spasm of bronchial muscles and improves ventilation

06 Jan 2018