By sunita Raghu

Peshwas’ Pride

A total of five temples can be found on this hill—the Devdeveshwar Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Parvati, and temples dedicated to Vithal, Rukmini, Vishnu and Kartikeyan. 

04 Aug 2018

The Stand of the Vanishing Otter

A foundation set up by a Karnataka-based conservationist has been relentlessly working to protect the water and the wild.

04 Aug 2018

‘Making Punyakoti was an Eyeopener’

An HR professional-turned-director talks about his journey towards his dream of making an animation film

30 Jun 2018

Migrant’s muse

The exhibition titled ‘Journeys to the Centre’ could be the artist's retrospective, it contains a little bit of everything from the time he started off.

21 Apr 2018