Chandni U

Reel mind real matters

Mental health is a serious issue. And there are many international TV shows that get it right.

12 Apr 2017

Life beyond the eye of A tiger

Naturalist guide Surya Ramachandran says there’s more to a safari than sighting a tiger or a lion, and describes his holistic approach to CE

06 Apr 2017

Reels to help redressal

Victims of sexual harassment (at work) rarely talk about it, much less file a complaint. If they do, they are blamed for it.

05 Apr 2017

Tech gets #autismfriendly

Chandni U compiles a list of technological advancements made specially for people with autism

03 Apr 2017

Jazz-up your evening with Sylvain

If you’re a jazz lover, you’d probably fall in love with anyone who says Miles Davis’ is his inspiration and Stan Getz his influence.

25 Mar 2017

Verses that Slam

Slam poetry is fast catching up in the city and new platforms for the same are coming up

23 Mar 2017

‘Hanuman burning Lanka cracked me up’

Stand-up comic Rajasekhar Mamidanna gave a lighter narration on the Ramayana in the city recently. During a chat with CE after the show, he let it slip that he wants to recreate the life of Jesus Chri

23 Mar 2017

World Poetry Day: Verses that slam

In the past year, events on slam poetry or spoken word poetry have been crowd-pullers in Chennai
City-based poets, who have taken part in these events, share why this is an important trend

21 Mar 2017