Das Sreedharan

Old-Timers vs hybrid eateries

Looking at the chronicle of Indian restaurants of the past three generations, it’s fascinating to see the organic growth and incredible variety they have brought to the restaurant world.

16 Jun 2018

Mangolicious delight

Summer is famous for the fruit season and we are so lucky to have incredible fruits such as mango, jackfruit, papaya, guava, banana, and rose apple.

14 May 2018

Spicing up montenegro life

More than opening a curry house in this new tourist destination, my first pursuit was to find a meal that could be closer to anything spicy, and if possible vegetarian.

21 Apr 2018

Traditional cooking transcends

Food industry has grown all over the world, yet community cooking for big events is still an art of its own in India.

03 Feb 2018

Curry Zest on a Black Friday

Black Friday shopping spree begins the day following Thanksgiving—the fourth Thursday of November every year.

04 Jan 2018

Marvels of moringa oil

There are some distinct ingredients that add a unique taste to our cooking, and our favourite dishes become less interesting without them.

25 Nov 2017

Significance of Kaya Kalpa

Some of us might fancy heaven and the afterlife, but who among us, given a chance, would not want to be youthful again? And if we do have to age, do so gracefully, almost imperceptibly, to enjoy a lif

26 Oct 2017

Baby steps in London: Here's some homemade Kerala food!

When it comes to authenticity and consistency of flavours, home cooking it is! This has been the popular sentiment for a majority of people from the past generation.

04 Oct 2017

A song from the rice fields

Surpassing any other local food combination, rice and curry has emerged as a peculiar meal in countries like England.

26 Aug 2017

The green way of life

Thinking aloud on how to attract the youth to ground realities, it’s a conceivable thought to reach out to them through food.

17 Jun 2017

Simple cooking, positive theories

Sean Connolly fired up this dialogue midway through our dinner chat. Whilst filtering an expression, he asked, “Happiness is definitely possible through a curry mindfulness; why don’t we foster a jour

22 May 2017