Deena Theresa

Loving dad creates a ‘Sundari’ autorickshaw, inspired by Mohanlal's Aye Auto, for son

Creating a vehicle with his bare hands would be no difficult task for the man who won the State Award when he was 15 for the working model of a JCB.

20 hours ago

Loo and behold: Few users at Tripunithura Private Bus Stand's hysan toilet

The average number of women using the hysan toilet is a mere 14.8 per day in comparison to a large number of passengers that alight at the bus stand.

22 Jan 2019

A serve to history: Kochi Blue Spikers

The first edition of PVL, a game-changer and a path-breaker for volleyball in the nation, is set to serve the ball in Chennai and Kochi on February 4.  

21 Jan 2019

Weaving perfection out of imperfection

The first Malayali to feature in Forbes India '30 Under 30' 2018, Alan's efforts and 'imperfect' designs have not gone unnoticed.

19 Jan 2019

All the world’s a stage: Tying the bow with precision

While young mothers are in awe at the seashells and pebbles intricately arranged, their kids are distracted by the sand art space.

17 Jan 2019

Failing to shine

Kochi's Rajendra Maidan has a rich history, from freedom struggles and protests to hosting many eventful programmes.

16 Jan 2019

Being drew binsky

Twenty-seven-year-old Drew Binsky’s T-shirt says ‘Just Go’ with a printed globe. And that, is his life, precisely.

07 Jan 2019

Women in Sabarimala: Schools, colleges in a dilemma over declaring holiday on hartal day

According to Ibrahim Khan, president of the Kerala CBSE Management Association, the management has left it to the respective schools to take a singular decision.

02 Jan 2019

All for the cause! Techies line up for the Wall

Whether it was in terms of promotions at their respective workplaces, fighting for rights, and spearheading the #MeToo movement, women have begun to shift gears and drive in the lane they choose.

02 Jan 2019

Lighting up our minds with 'mazha maram'

Fort Kochi also claims to have a drop in temperature, courtesy the Rain tree.

01 Jan 2019

Chef d’oeuvres

Chef Thomas Zacharias thinks he would be chaat, if ever he were to be a dish. “A plate of bhelpuri.

31 Dec 2018

I spy with my little eye...

This year, Vogue named Chatterjee one among 15 of India’s most powerful women in architecture and interior design.

25 Dec 2018

Fuelling the future of illus, comics and zines

Manasi Kotian, a contemperory artist, who has come all the way from Mumbai that the comic culture is still new for Kochi.

24 Dec 2018

At 175, SRV School holds its head high

Walls have ears. Albeit, if walls could speak, they would recite decade-old tales of boys, rowdy yet respectful, who roamed the halls, not knowing that they would create history someday.

22 Dec 2018

Making a mark in history

When Mark Edward Harris was walking down the streets of Varanasi, after a long day at work, he chanced across a bull sitting comfortably in a garment store.

17 Dec 2018