Practice makes money in mobile competitive PUBG

From Clash Of Clans on the PC to PUBG Mobile, 20-year-old MD Joe Michael Antony’s casual foray mobile gaming has led him to be one of India’s best PUBG player.

08 Jun 2019

Alumni associations give back to Chennai school

The members in alumni associations keep increasing every year, especially during golden jubilee functions as in the case of PS High School.

08 Jun 2019

Cooking up a storm in one pot

A working mother of two, Michelle Satur Shyam can comfortably cook a feast for her family through the One Pot One Shot method

06 Jun 2019

God, genres, generation Z

Youngsters have been showing a keen interest to take up Kathakalakshepam as a profession. Practitioners call for a community that will act as an avenue to learn and grow 

01 Jun 2019

The keeper of traditional recipes 

From millet-based pizzas to hibiscus-flavoured milkshakes, Chella Roja knows how to make junk food healthy 

23 May 2019

More gamers needed to energise India’s competitive scene: Anish

Anish B Jain started out with GTA San Andreas on the PC, and was initially a PC gamer. It was only in 2017 did the then-14-year-old get hooked onto the PS4.

18 May 2019

'Compter games with stories teach us to value things more'

After he began earning, Monish saved money and bought a gaming PC. Currently, he is playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider on his computer.

16 May 2019

Monish Palanivel’s love affair with videogames

Monish Palanivel’s love affair with videogames began at the age of four on a black-and-white computer.

11 May 2019

Shunning shame,winning self-respect

Ridicule, stigma, stereotypes — nothing deters Bharaa Bobby’s spirit to live life

07 May 2019