Dia Rekhi

Fabric of freedom and fashion

 It is that time of the year again where we look back on the struggle our forefathers underwent so that we were born free.

15 Aug 2019

The past is present

...in the hearts and minds of Chennaiites who pick unforgettable chapters from the history textbooks of India that left a deep impression on them

15 Aug 2019

Giving drawing its due

Art Houz is hosting an exhibition titled ‘Dot Dash Line and its Narrative’, on the idea of drawing being an independent art form.

10 Aug 2019

Old-world charm for the modern palate

What happens when fresh ingredients, delectable spices and a seasoned hand come together? It creates a mouth-watering dish.

03 Aug 2019

This nutrient-filled porridge helps battle the finicky weather

It also has essential amino acids like methionine, vitamin B complex, folic acid, lecithin, magnesium, manganese and zinc.

31 Jul 2019

'The Escape' is Chennai's new work address

When it came to both Niranthara and Mridul, the challenge involved convincing people of the necessity of dialogues surrounding gender and the importance of creative thinking for all.

29 Jul 2019

Making income tax return filing less taxing

An income tax expert gives a lowdown on different IT forms, essential documents and mistakes people make while filing the returns

27 Jul 2019

Making ITR filing less taxing

A city-based expert gives a lowdown on different IT forms, essential documents and mistakes people make while filing Income Tax returns

25 Jul 2019

Tumour terror in tots

Paediatric brain tumour may be uncommon, but experts say it is important for parents to be vigilant about  symptoms of the benign-malignant condition, some, which could even damage cognitive thinking

24 Jul 2019

Tech tonic for thirsty Chennai

Using Artificial Intelligence and smart meters, four entrepreneurs from India innovate feasible solutions to monitor consumption and wastage in water-starved Chennai.

18 Jul 2019

‘Advertising and agriculture are evergreen’: Suresh Kumar

Suresh Kumar S talks to CE about the power of advertising, the change in trends, competitive world of media and the niche consumer base of event management.

18 Jul 2019

Dr Subhadra Jalali's vision for newborns

Dr Subhadra Jalali, director, Newborn Eye Health Alliance (NEHA), LV Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI) has a great vision.

17 Jul 2019

Vasco da Gama comes to Chennai

The Hilton’s food festival pays an ode to this Portugese explorer and his voyage through an array of delectable cuisines 

13 Jul 2019

Even money can’t buy water in posh Chennai neighbourhoods 

At 5 am every day, A Nagamma waits on the main road, which is a 10-minute walk from her house in a settlement in Besant Nagar, for the water tanker to arrive.

11 Jul 2019

Conscious consumerism with sustainable fashion

With Chennai witnessing its worst water scare in years, city-based designers and experts speak on the value and impact of green fashion on workers, the environment and their wallet

11 Jul 2019