Dr Raman Kapur

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What Causes Knee Pain and How Best to Treat It

Knee pain may occur in one or both of the knee joints, or the muscles and tendons around the joints.

01 Sep 2018

Treat pain with distal acupuncture

I use a distal method of acupuncture in my clinic. This method is also known as the Balance Method, and was taught to me by Richard Tan, OMD, and it has not failed me clinically for over 12 years now.

11 Aug 2018

Auriculotherapy can treat lower back pain effectively

The effect on pain and lumbar flexibility appeared to be significant and therefore, this protocol can be considered as a more thorough treatment for healthcare of lower back pain.

21 Jul 2018

Acupuncture helps treat autism spectrum disorders

For effective positive impact on kids’ social behaviour, the treatment needs to be regular

23 Jun 2018

Qi stagnation needs to be cured to treat sleep apnea

There are three main syndromes—spleen qi deficiency, phlegm qi stagnation and blood stagnation—that describe or explain the condition in Chinese medicine.

26 May 2018

AcuLaser therapy for neurological disorders

Combinations of treatment modalities are used to cure various diseases.

28 Apr 2018

Acupuncture to cure non-specific eye diseases

The treatment usually achieves dramatic improvement in several eye ailments

24 Mar 2018

New fire needle therapy effective against scrofula

The improved treatment version is safer and stable, according to a Chinese hospital study

12 Mar 2018

Bloodletting puncture for emergency cases

It offers satisfactory results in curing headache, heatstroke and bacterial infections.

24 Feb 2018

Bedwetting is not just about psychology

Acupuncture is useful in curing the disorder with the advantages of no side effects

03 Feb 2018

Reinforce the yang in spring and summer

The correct Qi may be invigorated to defend against pathogenic factors in winters

25 Nov 2017