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Hermès’s Apple Connect

The collaboration brings two new cases and five watch bands, which are crafted with Hermes’s supple leathers.

20 Sep 2018

Churning of the Ocean

The devas and the asuras decided to churn the ocean (sagar manthan), and it was decided that whatever comes out would be divided between them.

20 Sep 2018

Timeless classics

The traditional manufactory already supports the legendary Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in Como, Northern Italy, and Classic Days at Dyck Castle near Düsseldorf.

15 Sep 2018

Kerala’s spirit cannot be swept away

Kerala’s fate stands altered with the recent floods staining its geography with scars of discomposure.

09 Sep 2018

Born of aspirations and imaginations

A Dur Se Brothers Production, the idea germinated from Ellias’ hunt for strong female characters.

09 Sep 2018

Pulp becomes custodian of metaphors

Papier Art Exhibition unfurls the possibilities of paper. This impressionable medium transmogrifies itself into various forms, making its relevance all the more befitting to its versatility.

09 Sep 2018

Rafale deal: Jaitley rules out Joint Parliamentary Committee, slams ‘ignorant Rahul’

He reiterated that the NDA government had been able to get the jets cheaper.

06 Sep 2018

Flood-hit handloom business in Kerala faces extinction fear

A generation of weavers left in the lurch with looms and yarns damaged and youngsters are already lukewarm about it.

02 Sep 2018

‘For quality education, regular teachers a must’ 

 Hailing the High Court verdict rapping the Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education (TSBIE) over the appointment of guest faculty to government junior colleges, lectures have

02 Sep 2018

‘Suicide is not a sudden impulse, it’s the last straw when a student gives up’

Dr Bharat Singh Shekhawat, Senior Professor, Dept. of Psychiatry, Government Medical College and Hospital in Kota, says suicidal thoughts are due to biological reasons and counselling doesn't help.

02 Sep 2018

Not a homely feeling

Vrindavan widows are unwilling to shift to the sprawling new ‘home’ built for them by the government that is scheduled to be inaugurated on August 31.

26 Aug 2018

Encroachers grow bold with political support in Telangana

Forest officers in various districts trying to check encroachment are coming under attack by locals supported by politicians.

26 Aug 2018

After Nipah, West Nile fear grips Kozhikode

After Nipah virus outbreak, a suspected case of West Nile fever — a viral disease which is spread through mosquito bite — has been reported in Kozhikode district. 

19 Aug 2018

Non-Brahmin heads poojas in Tamil Nadu temple

The priest, who wished not to be named, was one among 206 non-Brahmins who made up the first batch to undergo archaka training provided by the state government in 2007-08.

19 Aug 2018

Former MP Chennupati Vidya dies of heart attack in Andhra Pradesh

Former Lok Sabha member from Andhra Pradesh, Chennupati Vidya, died of heart attack in the wee hours on Saturday due to age-related ailments.

19 Aug 2018