G Parthasarathy

The Balochistan Issue Heats Up in Pakistan 

Fed up with the domination of his country by its Punjabi-dominated army, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was swept to power in the 1971 elections, in what was seen as a referendum on his ‘Six Points Formula’.

12 Apr 2018

Trump tantrums rock global economy

Trump’s trade measures make it clear that he will be ruthless and not necessarily reliable in dealing with allies and foes alike.

31 Mar 2018

Turmoil & New Alignments in Islamic World

The emergence of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman as the de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia has produced some unexpected changes in the conservative desert Kingdom, where succession is smooth and socio-ec

15 Mar 2018

ASEAN: The right way ahead for India

Russia has been regarded for decades as a reliable “friend” of India. Even after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Moscow and Delhi reached out to each other.

13 Mar 2018

Solving the Maldives Dilemma Imaginatively

Recent developments in the Maldives, where President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has declared a national emergency, arbitrarily arrested the country’s Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed and his half-brother

17 Feb 2018

Asean: the right way ahead for India

Few diplomatic events in India in recent days have received as much international attention as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s invitations to the 10 ASEAN Heads of Government, as Chief Guests, during I

01 Feb 2018

Pakistan army domination marks Jadhav Case

Indians across the country, including those given to acting as apologists for Pakistan’s actions, saw the stark reality and venality of Pakistani behaviour, when the 70-year-old mother and the wife of

13 Jan 2018

India’s uneasy stand with China and Russia

With the Soviet Union collapsing in 1992, its Foreign Minister Yevgeny Primakov, who became Prime Minister in 1998, realised that Russia needed India and China as major partners to balance American po

21 Dec 2017

China woos Myanmar at the cost of India

With international attention focused on the travails of the over six lakh refugees who had fled Myanmar’s Rakhine Province, China sought to seize the initiative by some deft diplomacy, wooing both Aun

09 Dec 2017

The case of the kidnapped Prime Minister

Several “cloak and dagger” actions take place in the world of diplomacy, espionage and international relations.

25 Nov 2017

India’s foreign policies are more assertive and activist

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government and the Prime Minister himself have, over the past three years, have developed a reputation across the world of being activist and assertive.

11 Nov 2017

Pakistan May claim to be a democracy but there’s a silent coup by Army

In any respectable democracy, the Army Chief is subordinate to and reports to the country’s Defence Minister, who is constitutionally responsible to the Parliament and people.

28 Oct 2017

Regional priorities change as BIMSTEC replaces SAARC

The hard-hitting speech by External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, frontally taking on Pakistan sponsored terrorism, was the centrepiece of India’s diplomatic effort in this year’s UN General Assembly session.

12 Oct 2017

India can ignore violence-torn Islamic world’s J&K resolution

A five-member ‘Contact Group’ of the 57-member ‘Organisation of Islamic Alliance’—comprising Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Ivory Coast and Niger—met earlier this month in New York.

30 Sep 2017

Chinese Dilemmas in North Korea and Afghanistan

There have been expectations in India that China would act against Pakistan-sponsored terrorism, after critical references were made to Pakistan-based terrorist groups.

16 Sep 2017